Wednesday, February 24, 2010

what a relief!

Didn't realise quite how much it was weighing on me until he's fixed and NOW I get a tension headache LOL.

Mac got to finally see the chiropractor today, 4 mths after banging himself up, his poll was out, under his saddle was out (and very reactive to that point!) and back by his tail.

Hugest thanks to Jeanne Northwood from Energy Works and to Kimberley Harrison-Jones a Bowen practitioner in Marlborough and Wellington for working on him in the meantime. Aunty Jeanne will do a last wee clean up on him now he's "fixed" and a week or so of groundwork and we should be ready to rock again, actually fixed this time! (fingers crossed!) So his headaches should be finished and my smoochy boy should be back full time instead of part time :o)

Poor wee angel, he is so staunch with pain, this stuff must have been hurting him SO much :o(

Amanda the chook is settling in with the other girls, still skinny but her new feathers are already poking thru!

Panda didn't make it, but she died with company but in peace and had lots of love before she went.

Smokey had another lesson with Saskia Ostermeier today, not the best work he's ever done but great that he shows his evasions to her because she can teach ME what I need to do. Another lesson tomorrow morning for him too...

Pete had his birthday on the weekend and it was the perfect excuse to give him some more stuff for the bathroom hehehe. Will get the house finished eventually, Christmas, Birthdays and Fathers Day are the perfect time to get Pete something for the house that he then has to finish. So the bathroom is nearly done, new big mirror meant he had to finish plastering, new towel rails meant the tiles get finished, then he did the coving and hey presto not much to go!

Now to get onto sorting travel for the Nth Island trip next month! Wellington 12th March, Auckland 15th March for a week, and then heading south again, so anyone wanting any in person consults contact me and we can sort dates and times. Anyone not in Auckland or Wellington but on the path North or South, give me a yell, we should be able to sort something out for you.

email is links to that are right through the website :o)

Monday, February 15, 2010

2 new additions...

luckily the owner of the free range farm wasn't home over the weekend and the person looking after the farm doesn't do neck wringing so these 2 girls have come home with me.

Chicken #1 is Amanda (or Mandy as Marcus calls her) she could stand and walk about 3 steps before having to sit back down on her "heels". She was being attacked mercilessly by the others, and when put outside the paddock in some green grass she got stuck into the grass so obviously hungry as. Got her home and she drank so much I thought she would pop. Then got stuck into some wheat and little bits of apple I put out, then cleaned up an egg. Cleaned up 2 eggs the next day and more wheat. Is bright eyed but still very weak in the legs, when she stands up she stands up very straight and tall and when she walks she tends to stand on her own feet. Pretty sure she should come thru OK.

Chook #2, called Panda by Marcus to go with Manda. She was found on the Sunday, being left alone at the time and huddled under a ramp leading up to a nesting box. Eyes stuck shut, right leg she won't stand on and is very sore. I actually thought she'd be dead within 10 mins of putting her in the trailer while I collected the eggs but lo and behold she lived, and is still alive altho it is a case of "just" at the moment.

She too is starving, drank like a horse when she got home, pecked at a bit of wheat in a manner that actually showed her hunger, but not too interested in the egg yolk (unusual!) and not interested in anything else. Started off this morning with more to drink and a little peck at the wheat but not interested in much at all this afternoon :o(

Still hanging in there however...

Both girls are recuperating in the dogs crate (first time the dogs crate has ever been used to be honest!) Fingers crossed for Panda, I think it'll be a while before either of them is ready to meet the other girls...