Monday, January 3, 2011

And a Happy New year!

Christmas has been and gone, the tree packed up for another year, the New Year was seen in only in my dreams as I was sound asleep by then (got to make the most of the sleep, it just ain't a happening thing these days!) In fact last night by 2am I'd all but given up on the sleep thing happening and dragged a duvet out onto the balcony off the bedroom, planted the pillow on the deck and snuggled up under an exquisite star filled sky, my God, what a sight it was! By nearly 5am after almost dozing a couple of times it started getting a bit chillier so I went back inside and got maybe an hours sleep. If you're going to go without sleep a scene like that above your head makes liking awake enjoyable anyway!

Smokey has come back in from his holiday and is still my sweet wee boy who when frisky his little sewing machine trot just get faster and faster, he is just too cute!

Mac is doing well with everything too, still loving having him 'back' as such. He is my angel.

The dogs are all good altho Karma's limp has gotten worse in her front leg which really isn't good because it had no reason to get worse. She is 8 1/2 now, seems like just yesterday she was a wee 5mth old pup we saved from getting shot, I guess she is getting old! I may do the x-ray thing to see what is showing up in there...

Have really enjoyed reading both A New Earth and Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, truly enlightening books and what a difference they've made in my life in the space of a few weeks, have met a wonderful new friend thru the books too and it's great bouncing ideas and concepts off each other, huge changes in my 'inner space' going on right now and it's very exciting! Massive energy shifts (which really isn't helping the sleep thing!)

And that's about it!

Hope you and your families are enjoying the holiday season and that the weather is being kind to you where ever you live!