Monday, July 11, 2011

If you are not the singer, how can God be the song?

driving to work tonight I was, as I seem to be doing a lot lately, thinking about how precious this physical body is... I was singing away at the top of my lungs (probably very badly!) to October Project and thinking that once we are dead and have left this form I would no longer be able to sing, or even "hear" a song. I thought I would have the memory of that song and singing it, but another thought overrode that, I would BE the song, but I would no longer be the singer. That gave rise to something I've mentioned before and think often enough, that without us being aware of the Creator, without us being SELF aware, then in reality God as "God" doesn't exist. Creation becomes aware of itself thru US being aware of it. It is by us observing God in a flower, a bird, a loved one or anything else you can see it in, that God becomes aware of itself as God. So if we are not the singer, how can God be the song? The song cannot exist in thought alone, it would be just a thought, it requires sound, music, a singer before it is a 'song', thus God requires us to be aware before it is the Creator... Quite a responsibility really, and yet quite an ego boosting one too LOL, after all, animals cannot reflect God to itself because they are not 'self aware' the same way we are. Many of them see themselves as part of the One, but they see ONLY that which gives rise to no sense of awareness of 'more'. We because of our ego have a sense of separateness that enables us to see ourselves as different to other things, therefore easier to see the Creator in other things, which is what, as I see it, gives us the specific type of awareness that God needs in order to see itself.

hmmmmm tired tonight (shattered last night!) and I get the feeling if I try to explain it any clearer I'm going to make it murkier, so I shall leave that train of thought there.

Last night actually, I did an email to the Beloved about my views on Life, excuse the last paragraph, it was after all a personal email to Bruce, but it is how I see Life, and I might as well share since you're subjected to everything else I think anyway LOL.


The journey that is Life. From birth to death, and from being dead to being alive. A journey of self discovery, an exploration, unmapped, unknown with the potential therefore to be nothing less than exciting.

Life. Physical, short and precious. Full. Of whatever you choose. Actions, reactions, consequences of actions. Dreams, fears, disappointments, contentment, boredom or excitement. But always full.

A journey walked with others, sometimes many, sometimes few, but never in isolation.

Life. A physical manifestion drawing us out of the Whole, leaving us with no memory of the One Life, but the possibility of rediscovering that anew with every passing moment of time.

Life, where time passes and we watch form decay. Life, where we are subject to the Laws of Science. Life, with all our perceived constraints within it.

The playground of Life, the school of 'hard knocks', where we learn by physical expression the Laws of Cause and Effect, the Laws of Cumulative Effect, where we live under and subject to Laws.

Life, blink and you may miss it, cry too long and you'll never see it clearly, stare it in the eye and ride it like a rollercoaster, it may scream around corners terrifying you at the thought of a derailment but after all it's up and downs you know it's going to end and you can get off the ride.

Life, able to be shared, uniquely able to be seen from anothers perspective, while walking your own path.

I love my life, the warmth of sun on my skin, the feel of rain wetting and chilling me, the touch of a loved one, the responsibilities of loving and being loved. The stresses and the challenges, the joys and the laughter. The salty taste of tears and the comfort of arms around me. I love the bite of tiredness, and the blissful sleep that reminds me of a small death. I love the sound of thunder, observing the living, the movement, the breathing, dynamic even when still. I love the feeling of Nature, from the hardest rock, to the roughest tree, to the fluidity of water, to the suppleness of skin. I love the solidity of the manufactured, not a 'living' cell in it, but it's vibrancy is unsurpassed.

I love my life and all the lives it has touched. Adults and children, animal and human, all from the same Source, brushing against me and bringing learning and expansion, bringing challenges and frustration, bringing love and Love. Some barely meeting before disappearing into their own uncharted territory, others sharing a more parallel journey of discovery, delighting in sharing observations and experiences, learning with and from each other. Never in isolation.

I love the journey of my life and I am ever grateful for the company found along the way. I am blessed to be walking beside you in your journey, to be close enough to hold hands, to be seeing so many things through your eyes, of experiencing more than just my own life. Aware enough, alive enough, to see the One when I see You. Aware enough, dying enough, to look with wonder at our forms and treasure them, to experience them, to burn into the fabric of the Whole the memory of the look, the sound, the touch of these bodies and all the carnal experiences they allow. Precious, fleeting, never to be repeated, no other body will feel your skin like I do, no other eyes will see you like I do, no other heart will love you quite like I do, this experience, this expansion of the One, is something unique to you and I, and I thank you, I thank Life, I thank the Whole for that, and I hop on this rollercoaster and I hold on tight, and although sometimes I may shut my eyes, I know that I'm safe and having the ride of my Life, and I Love it!