Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh, did I forget to mention....

I managed to traumatise Mac on Tuesday at our lesson?

Was trying to explain to the coach how he jams up thru the shoulder/neck and head/jaw and locks onto my right hand, avoiding contact on the left rein blah blah blah.... I was managing to confuse her so I said "it's been 5 yrs, YOU get on him!" Well she'd just ridden so was sitting there with helmet, boots etc and said "OK!"

The instant she went to the saddle Mac panicked, not externally at that stage, but head went up, eye rolled back and fear was there. Needless to say she couldn't even get her foot in the stirrup he was doing his old trick of spinning his ass away from her, yep, even with me holding his head....

So she walks back to her seat, I jump on back on and we take up where we left off as if nothing had happened in between LOL. Poor silly old boy! Coach said, "well you won't be able to sell him will you." Nope! But had never planned on selling him either ;)

My dear sweet abused boy with a memory like an elephant, the love of my life and my best mate.

We may try again when her attitude is softer, for Mac's sake.... I know the attitude he picked up off her because he fired it at me magnified!!!! It was an "I'll show you" attitude but directed to ME not Mac, so quite focused almost forceful I guess is a good word. They are great mirrors! LOL

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I have an excuse OK?! He's young!!!

Even Smokey is telling me off for mucking around! Today before Pete had to run off to martial arts class I asked him to come out and hold Smokey again while I was on the mounting block (read log of wood that's survived being split for firewood!) and did the baby steps, lying across the saddle thing... so for not having done anything for a week, saddle on bridle on (2 steps backwards but 2nd time chucked his head down as if to say "yeah yeah I know, I'm a dork") Pete led him to the "mounting block" I set it up in the right place and climbed up. Took the reins up and leaned across the saddle. Not full weight, and Smokey's head popped up a bit! aaaaah that's OK, just bracing for the weight, no worries ;) Hopped off, and this time full weight on the saddle leaning over him. Not a care in the world, another time and then foot in the stirrup and up and leaning over the saddle. Did that 3 times too. Said "ooooh baby I could swing on right now couldn't I!?!" to which Pete replied "no you can't I have to go" (who's the handbrake?!)

So having finished that part I got off him and honestly the disappointment was a physical thing LOL, so thought I'd better longrein him while I was there. Up the paddock, no grass grabbed (and it's getting longer again with all this rain!) little trot up the paddock, around we went and 2 big trots back down again. Pete had come out to say goodbye to Marcus so we trotted up to him, Smokey had a sniff and then decided that funny man in a chinese coat can't be the same one who was just holding him hehehe, and has I was saying good bye he took the opportunity to snatch a mouthful of grass, but hey fairs fair the opportunity was there LOL

So very very proud of my wee man and even when I think to myself, I could be on and riding him because he's so cruisey I remind myself he's not even 3 yet and I want him to last a lifetime, there is NO rush, he's forgotten nothing, an extra week or month or more wouldn't hurt anything but some enthusiasm hehehe. First weekend in March!!!! Riding time :)

Can't wait, I'm soooooooo ready, and so is he and the fact he WANTS to be ridden is a big buzz too :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Last of the Summer Whine

LOL. Had our last summer dressage yesterday. Mac put out some very nice work but once in the arena we got some of our usual tension. A cross between me focusing more on the test than him and not being able to repeat a movement until we are rid of the tension which means of course we go into the next movement still carrying some tension which makes more tension in the new movement etc etc etc... Still we got a 2nd in our 2nd ever level 3 test and 4th in one of the level 2 tests and like I said some nice work in there so he got his oddfellows :)

Speaking of oddfellows, Smokey had his first one a couple of days back, he made it to me first but Mac was hot on his heels so he grabbed what was offered on my hand and kept walking 2 steps out of Mac's way, crunching as he went... it was that simple LOL.

Was also reassessing the dogs nutritional requirements, as eyes and toenails and "bits" have healed up, so looking at who could get the extra's dropped again etc. Zak wants an extra fish oil, Phoenix still wants the extra fish oil and salt (but she's a big girl so it's probably not actually "extra" for her anyway. Dozer is good and we've actually dropped his stuff down and when zipping thru the bowls with the salt I get a "yes" from Leo and just as I've finished dropping some in his bowl I realise he doesn't actually NEED it, but he doesn't want to be left out, little toad!

Work is going well and I've offered 25% of Feb and March's consults to the fire relief in OZ and so far Feb has been not too bad so thank you for supporting that!

25% of MAY consults will as usual be going to the Kaimanawa Wild Horse Welfare Trust Inc to assist with costs and sponsership for the Muster usually happening in May sometime.

Of course if you have ever considered or are considering getting a Kai from the muster I thoroughly recommend it!!!! Have a look at for photo's, info, and applications!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I still haven't broken him!

In fact he's going REALLY well! No movement with the saddle, no movement with the bridle a beautiful calm long reining session up to the top of the paddock and back with a little trot in there... Only brat moment was him tied to the float (getting him used to that!) and I needed to wet down his feed, the float rocked, the twine stretched, hubby got called out to supervise him since I was NOT going to allow him to dictate him moving, wet down the feed and watched him get so frustrated with not being able to eat it fast enough he was stamping the ground and very angry with his feed LOL. I think he'll get into the groove of being worked little and often just so he can have feeds all the time!

Very happy with him, very proud of him :)

On a sadder note I must say I'm absolutely DISGUSTED with the deceit out there in the horsey "business" world. When you pay for advertising and it's not delivered and LIED about and claimed ads were run and FOUR months later another lie is told and it comes out 2 ads were NOT run? Well what would YOU do? I want my money back! So far it's been 2 part payments and still not the complete amount... Lies and deceit to keep your money???? Hell anyone would know that's fraud! Don't have to be an ex cop to figure that one! Well they have one last chance to correct the matter or I'll be going to to the Police with all the emails showing ALL the lies and the letter now received stating the opposite to those lies (which beautifully PROVES the lies!) I mean to say.... how dumb is that?!

You run a business???? Be professional! Good lord, I have to be, why would a magazine think they don't have to be?! Unbelievable!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Rightyho then... 25% of earnings going to Oz

for Feb and March (and then will reassess how the ozzies are going) I'll send 25% from all consults over to the relief funds for Oz... splitting it 50/50 for people and animals.

If you've been thinking about getting a consult these are good months to do it knowing you'll be helping out over in Oz too :)

Finally got my courage up LOL

and long reined Smokey today. Pete was dragged out to get Smokey used to him (and having 2 people doing things with him for the farrier, dentist etc) so he held Smokey while he had a brush and gave him some little bits of bread, then I put the saddle cloth on Smokey and got Pete to walk him around till it slid off, did that 3 times before he ignored the saddle cloth sliding off and would cling to Pete when I'd try to put it back on again LOL.

Saddled him up, bridle on, long reins on and off we went. Got Pete to walk beside him for a little bit (he'll be my walker when I first hop on Smokey again you see so I need him to be comfortable with Pete.) Then Pete peeled off to man the camera and I battled on with the hungry boy myself.... We'll have to figure out how to stop him ducking down for grass the rat bag! Might have to resort to the reins hooked onto the bit!

Only did a couple of mins, he couldn't have cared less, took him thru 2 barrels set up, he got right between them and stuck his head down to snatch grass the cheeky whipper snapper! (yes, I admit they hadn't had their morning grass so were hungry but still!)

Finished off with a quick feet file (which he was NOT impressed about because he wanted his feed, so I went extra slow hehehe) and then Pete popped him into the back yard with the other boys who were already eating (I'd already ridden Mac.)

I was hoping he hadn't forgotten anything and he hasn't which is great because altho he's such a dude, I'm still nervous about getting on him again for the first time! But all these little things he just cruises with are making me feel better LOL.

Oh and I measured knee to coronet and it is 14.5 inches, so he SHOULD end up 14.2hh!!!! YAY a full sized pony!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Who Says Inter-Species Communication Doesn't Exist?!

Thinking of ALL affected by the fires and the floods in Australia. My heart goes out to everyone who has experienced loss and heartache through it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What a dude...

No halter on and caught this morning after him having a wee "eek" moment at the halter trying to bite his nose! He needed to watch Roger having his on before he pushed back in and said "OK, I remember, do me!"

So after a couple of hours munching out in the backyard (and obviously thirsty since he pushed in to be first OUT of the backyard too!) we went over to the float and no hesitation, straight on! No treats in hand but there was some bread in a plastic bag in Mac's empty feedbowl still in the front of the float. He had some bread, put the bag down and backed him off. Then on again in more of a self loading encouragement position (more beside him up the other side of the float) and again no hesitation, straight on, demanded bread, and more bread thank you! and then off again.

Have finally bought my 2nd lunge line for our long reining so that's next on the agenda and then on him again! All very exciting! Now to FORCE hubby to get involved and come out and hold him and pat him and feed him titbits since he's going to be the one beside us when I get on!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Smokey is Naked!!!

took the wee boy's halter off today! He looks funny (but cute) without it. Pushed in for cuddles tonight, must be feeling like a real big boy now hehehe.

Must actually remember to take the camera out to the paddock with me instead of trying to zoom in from the balcony LOL!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ride With Your Mind

now who wrote that? Mary Wainless was it? Well Mac was diving onto my hand tonight and as a boy who has (funnily enough) always used the reins and your hand as a security blanket (only to lock completely in his bolting!) he was divebombing my hand tonight when I was trying to get him to flex. After 3o mins he was even "grabbing" the bit if I played with the contact even at the halt. So I thought to myself, let give him NO hand to hang off or grab hold of... (outside of brakes if needed!) So I rode with my mind LOL. Oh yes, of course I was using leg and seat and body, but when I took my hand out of the equation, I rode more clearly. He could have been a western horse spinning on a dime for how responsive he was! Admittedly this was only at the walk LOL, but it's something I'll play with some more...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Say hello to the float Smokey!

Well another saddle on session before he left the backyard again today. Popped it on and took him over to the float to take it off and put it in there with Mac's one. (About time he started getting used to having things done with him at the float.) Took it off and popped it in there, decided while it was still hooked up to the truck might as well see if I could get him on... Had some scraps of bread in a plastic bag (yes, he knows what a plastic bag means LOL) he got his 2 front feet on the ramp a couple of times but not interested in coming right on. Explained to him of course what floats mean for him in the future but he just had a worried little look in his eye.

So with his 2 feet on the ramp I went under the bar and got Mac's empty feed bowl out of the front under the saddles. Now THAT made his little eyes light up! Tipped the bread scraps out of the plastic and into the feedbowl and THEN it was worthwhile coming right on for LOL. Don't really want to make a feedbowl a habit but have to actually get him on a couple of times first so he knows what is expected, so we'll wean him back to just his treats without the need of the bowl itself.

So happy with that! Saddle and float in one day, and later he needs his feet looked at again so he deserves his proper feed ;)

And for his nighttime session just done, he was caught with another halter PROPERLY (as in his nose thru it first, then flick it over his neck) AND this was also the 2nd time today since I did it properly this morning too LOL. Feet filed, and feed bowl waiting in the float for him.

He did not hesitate!!!!! He just waltzed completely onto the float behind me.... had some of his feed, was stopped from eating and asked to back off where he was allowed to finish his feed out of the float. Feedbowl left out there and asked to come onto the float again. AGAIN, no hesitation, just followed me straight on. Granted Mac's empty bowl was still sitting up the front of the float from this morning and granted it did have a couple of bits of bread sitting in it, but still, I was expecting (naughty to expect negatives!) that it would take longer than one session for him to wander in and out without a hitch!

Lets see how he goes next time with no feedbowl ;)

YAY, the Good Morning Show wants to do some more!

that's cool! Won't be for a couple of months tho. Wonder how they'll do it? I know they want to do more than one, so wonder if they'll call for people and their animals, or for photo's and a question to be provided.... Will try to find out and then if anyone has a photo and a question they may be able to submit them to them and get their animal at least on TV LOL. Will keep you posted as I know more!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

so.... work wise

have been working on doing health checks in a slightly different way, Amelia Kinkade had gone through a way of actually going inside the animals body to check different things (I always wondered how you got to "see out their eyes" to do eye checks etc) it is different to seeing what they see ie lost animals, (haven't been working on that LOL.) So yes, it seems to be giving good results but takes a LOT longer to do going right through the whole body! Is nice for specific things wanting to be checked or double checked as I guess it's actually aiming more at diagnosing things a bit more.

On the home critters front all animals are good! Smokey just had his new saddle fitted on him today in the backyard. He's had 5 or so days off having anything done, and just grabbed him out of the backyard where they were eating, showed him the saddle on the gate. Convinced him it wasn't going to launch itself at him. Then convinced his the saddle cloth in my hand wasn't going to chew hunks out of him as well and popped that on him. Once that was on him (like when we were doing our games with the sack) he chilled and said "righto" and then the saddle went on without a movement. Girth done up, no notice taken at all, then took him for a walk under the house (his 2nd time in there) so he could have a look around. Supposed to be stables in there (but I don't stable so why bother finishing them?!) But I may just invest in some 4"x2" wood and section one off as an indoor pen, will come in handy and might as well get the wee one used to being in there now so we can gear up out of the rain and wind etc if needed.

He's used to the covered pen from Pepe's place in Auckland so he looked rather bored under the house LOL.

Mac had his first taste of spurs on Tuesday at our lesson. He's working well and we have dressage on the 22nd February where we'll do another Elementary test and help boost the entry numbers!