Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ride With Your Mind

now who wrote that? Mary Wainless was it? Well Mac was diving onto my hand tonight and as a boy who has (funnily enough) always used the reins and your hand as a security blanket (only to lock completely in his bolting!) he was divebombing my hand tonight when I was trying to get him to flex. After 3o mins he was even "grabbing" the bit if I played with the contact even at the halt. So I thought to myself, let give him NO hand to hang off or grab hold of... (outside of brakes if needed!) So I rode with my mind LOL. Oh yes, of course I was using leg and seat and body, but when I took my hand out of the equation, I rode more clearly. He could have been a western horse spinning on a dime for how responsive he was! Admittedly this was only at the walk LOL, but it's something I'll play with some more...

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