Tuesday, May 21, 2013

As we Fall into Winter

The rain falls, and the frosts are starting, horses are in covers (so is Dozer the bull mastiff!) and it's dark EARLY!

I don't mind cold or even wet but I hate losing the light so early!

We farewelled my beautiful old Zak in March aged 15, he was very ready to go and only really held on because I had wanted to get him to his birthday!

It was the most peaceful passing I've attended, he was having trouble lying down towards the end and would spend a lot of time just turning around and round trying NOT to lie down and he was very sensitive to touch so he wasn't enjoying being cuddled.  When it was time and I had booked the vet for the Monday (he gave me the nod on the Friday) but I had to bring it forward to Saturday and he was so grateful for that.  So we went to the vets and got to the waiting area and he simply lay down on the floor and I sat beside him, he relaxed against me and he began letting go there and then.

We got into the consulting room and he did the same thing lay down against me and he simply didn't move.  There was absolutely no change in him from before the needle went in to afterwards, it was so very peaceful, absolutely beautiful   :)

We have a new kitten too, Marcus begged to have his very own kitten and a young girl in his class at school was trying to find a home for 2 kittens left that their cat had had and he went and chose one, he is all black and called Tom (altho he has been fixed now!)  I'll put some pics up of my darling Zak and Tom tomorrow.

Am heading up to Wanganui and surrounding areas at Queens birthday weekend to do 4 or 5 days of consults and talks which I'm looking forward to!  It'll be a nice break away from everything here and lovely to do some "hands on" work, can't wait!