Thursday, June 25, 2009

Well we must all be hibernating since it's winter...

Nothing exciting to report here! Smokey is still on time off, Mac has more dressage next weekend, heading to Nelson on Saturday for our first Top Of The South Market Day to sell horse gear at the A&P grounds, thought I'd take some salt over and support it and see what I can spend some money on.

Marcus has finally caught his cold so no kindy for him today, gotten through most of the work stacked up (Thanks to all supporting the Kai Wild Horse Welfare Trust, haven't finished the month yet to know the total they get but it'll be put to good use as usual)

It's been cold and great frosts and beautiful star lit nights, have forgotten to turn the hose off a couple of nights filling up the boys trough, oops, a fair bit of ice out there after I did that, a fair bit of mud now hehehe.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

As they used to say when I was a mechanic....

If in doubt hit it with a hammer! Well, Mac and Smokey have just been to see Tommy Berhns the Chiro this morning, both got belted with hammers and are much happier. I knew Smokey needed to see him and he didn't set a foot wrong, didn't try to avoid being touched or anything. Didn't want to leave the racetrack to come home though, far too much going on there to want to leave! He was out under his saddle and his near side hip.

Mac I hadn't really checked over (God knows WHY I didn't with him getting so grumpy recently working, dumb mummy!) but he goes to get checked (and to keep Smokey company) anyway and one of his sacral vertebrae was out so no wonder he was getting tight and grumpy when being asked to work. Poor poppet, he's such a "feelings" transmitter that it's very easy to not hear him and I should have used my brains and scanned him a lot earlier (not that it would have helped except in my patience with him because Tommy wouldn't have been here anyway LOL) So he can now have a lesson later this week, and Smokes has 2 weeks off so time to do some groundwork again with him.

Pete and I are full of head colds, Marcus hasn't caught it yet (surprised there!!! Good little immune system he has!) but his system is fighting it off, being tired and the odd sneeze coming from him. He's also doing kindy for a couple of hours twice a week so I may even get a chance to do some work during the day now! WOOHOOO!

Monday, June 8, 2009

YAY! My Mac Attack is Back!

We had a lovely day at dressage, a good attitude from both of us, admittedly he was tired, as he'd been ridden pretty hard the last week hehehe, but his ATTITUDE was good! And we managed some OK scores with that, so I was happy and he got his Oddfellow fix!

No gorgeous photos as Pete videoed both tests for me instead :)

Got an appointment with the horse chiro next week will take Mac and Smokey along get them tweaked up for the winter. Hopefully Smokey will trust me that a strange man poking and whacking him is OK!!! LOL

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

And how is Smokey I hear you ask???

He's been wormed and eeeeeeeew what is coming out of him is INCREDIBLE!!! I won't put any pics of his worm ridden poo in here LOL, but some ghouls on Face Book have asked to see some so there are some up there hehehe.

We had a lovely ride on Thursday, a proper "training" ride, on a circle, transitions and a bit of "work"! He coped brilliantly.

Got another ride today, just a wee one as he's busy shedding such a huge worm burden and still getting daily wormer but conned Pete to grab the camera and get a shot or 2 ...

Mac hasn't settled back into his "work" we're fighting his tension, if he would just relax he'd find it soooooo much easier, he knows this but still he fights LOL.

He fought so much on Tuesday at our lesson that for the first time in 5 1/2 yrs I hit him! (On the neck we don't do whips!) and it shocked him so much he pulled his head in and worked nicely for the last 5 mins of our lesson that went overtime! grrrrr AND we have dressage this weekend! oh hell.....

Anyway here are a couple of quick shots of him on our ride on Monday, Pete is so not horsey, I jump on and there he is with the camera, get it over and done with so he can get back inside, so they're not flattering, but Mac doesn't need to be flattered, he's just gorgeous any old time!

and lastly, how's this for cute??? Dozer and PeeWee...

Muster is done....

200 Kai's mustered, at least 30 will be slaughtered but a lot of homes and sponsorships found, well done to the Kaimanawa Wild Horse Welfare Trust!!! They've found homes for over 100 horses and will have sponsorship for many more if needed which is fantastic!

I've been designing some caps and notepads and pens for them for fund raising which has been fun to do too. And they look good :)

Here is Smokey's one (yes if you have a Kai and want it personalised it can be done!) ...

and here is a general supporters one...

One example of a note pad (a couple of different designs available)...

and lastly one of the pens...

Caps $20 including postage.
Notepad and pen set $6 including postage.

ALL profits to the Kai Trust to assist with handling and rehoming sponsored horses... fire me an email if you want any!