Tuesday, June 16, 2009

As they used to say when I was a mechanic....

If in doubt hit it with a hammer! Well, Mac and Smokey have just been to see Tommy Berhns the Chiro this morning, both got belted with hammers and are much happier. I knew Smokey needed to see him and he didn't set a foot wrong, didn't try to avoid being touched or anything. Didn't want to leave the racetrack to come home though, far too much going on there to want to leave! He was out under his saddle and his near side hip.

Mac I hadn't really checked over (God knows WHY I didn't with him getting so grumpy recently working, dumb mummy!) but he goes to get checked (and to keep Smokey company) anyway and one of his sacral vertebrae was out so no wonder he was getting tight and grumpy when being asked to work. Poor poppet, he's such a "feelings" transmitter that it's very easy to not hear him and I should have used my brains and scanned him a lot earlier (not that it would have helped except in my patience with him because Tommy wouldn't have been here anyway LOL) So he can now have a lesson later this week, and Smokes has 2 weeks off so time to do some groundwork again with him.

Pete and I are full of head colds, Marcus hasn't caught it yet (surprised there!!! Good little immune system he has!) but his system is fighting it off, being tired and the odd sneeze coming from him. He's also doing kindy for a couple of hours twice a week so I may even get a chance to do some work during the day now! WOOHOOO!

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