Thursday, June 25, 2009

Well we must all be hibernating since it's winter...

Nothing exciting to report here! Smokey is still on time off, Mac has more dressage next weekend, heading to Nelson on Saturday for our first Top Of The South Market Day to sell horse gear at the A&P grounds, thought I'd take some salt over and support it and see what I can spend some money on.

Marcus has finally caught his cold so no kindy for him today, gotten through most of the work stacked up (Thanks to all supporting the Kai Wild Horse Welfare Trust, haven't finished the month yet to know the total they get but it'll be put to good use as usual)

It's been cold and great frosts and beautiful star lit nights, have forgotten to turn the hose off a couple of nights filling up the boys trough, oops, a fair bit of ice out there after I did that, a fair bit of mud now hehehe.

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