Saturday, January 14, 2012

The End of the World is Nigh!!!!

and I nearly missed it!  At the rate time is flying by the end will have come and gone unnoticed LOL.

Can't believe I haven't posted since September (I blame FaceBook!  You post things there and think you've told the world LOL)

So... I quit night shift, tried 4 different types of sleeping pills before the last lot actually worked at resetting the poor old body's clock and sleep is all A-OK again (bliss!)

We had a late start to Spring and we've had a wet summer so far, poor old world is trying to turn itself over and upsetting the weather patterns somewhat!  Got some hay cut and dragged off the paddock 2 days before Christmas which we spent in Christchurch with my dear friend/sister, Lisa which was lovely.  Home so Bruce could get to work over in Nelson clearing some slips after the deluge they had over there, and Marcus was with Pete so I got a weeks holiday to myself, got quite used to sleeping in!!!  Alas Marcus was back before that habit became ingrained LOL.

Took both Mac and Smokey to our dressage comp in December, the 1st and last one for them for the year!  Both were very good boys for not having been ridden diddly squat :o)  Have since been gearing them up with a few more rides for a bit of fitness work so I can get them out and about to some Trail Rides, next one is next weekend!  So their feet have just been trimmed, the grass is being rationed even more (fat little piglets they are!) and I'm aiming to take Mac, but we'll see on the day (if it's blowing like a you know what, it'll be Smokey going LOL.

Roger has gone to the neighbours place to be a paddock mate for her horse which is lovely, he doesn't have to be stripped grazed there, and gets more attention there than he did here so he's as happy as a pig in mud :o)

Took Mac up the road for a short road ride last weekend, traffic really doesn't impress the stress freak, but it was dead quiet on Sunday so we went out for a change, he decided the little wooden bridge on the road to the school had a troll living under it, but eventually he knew I was just going to keep nagging till he did it so he gave in.  Took us 20 mins to get the the end of our one way trip and 7 mins to get home LOL.  He decided his beautiful big power trot was called for to get home and that was it!  Smokey was next and it was his 1st ever proper road ride (outside of the 300 metres to the end of our dead end road) and he was a complete star :o)  Didn't set a foot wrong.  Stopped at the bridge, had a sniff at the wood and then tip toed across it.  Had horses screaming at him from both sides of the road and he behaved beautifully.  Always very proud of my wee Kai.

So that's a quick catch up!  Still working driving trucks, still doing communication, still busy busy.

Oh!  And reading The Law of Attraction by Abraham-Hicks, very good book, very good at the explanations of how we attract what we think about and how sometimes when we try so hard to attract something it doesn't work... Love the way they talk about the "Inner being" being your GPS by way of emotions.... if you are feeling a negative emotion, you are negatively attracting and out of synch with the Source, if you are feeling a positive emotion you are positively attracting and in synch, pay attention to the feelings you feel!