Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year to you all...

Full on time of year isn't it.... Christmas has zoomed on by and all of a sudden we're on the threshhold of 2010.

I mentioned it to the horses tonight after riding Smokey and while picking up poo... of course as quick as the words were coming out of my mouth I was thinking "it's just another day" and the horses serenely munched on their hay wondering what I was on about. Why is there all this hype for a New Year, the year is going to bring joys and sorrows, love and heartbreak, summer and winter, just like every other year... what you choose to do with those things will make it a "good year" or not.

Like I say to a good friend of mine, any negative can be made a positive, you may need to stand it on its head and turn it inside out but it can be done.... if you want to....

So, I hope everyone can find the silver lining to whatever 2010 throws at you! :o)

And remember it's better to aim at the moon and hit the lamp post than to aim at the lamp post and hit the gutter ;o)

Happy New Year and for 2010 make your answer to the question 'how are you?' be "Great! I woke up alive!" xxx

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Communication at its finest

and it's Marcus who is "hearing"... little blighter is always in my head!!! no sooner do I think something then he is 30 seconds later saying "I want......." I've got to stop planting seeds in his head, particularly when I'm hungry and craving junk food!

I can't believe it's Christmas time already! I've got hay cut in the paddock but not baled, we're heading off to Christchurch and the in-laws tomorrow, I'm sure I'll need another 2 bags of fruit flavoured candy canes before we go!

So although the Christmas pressure is on, most people should be enjoying a break from work at least, so from me and mine to you and yours, have a very merry Christmas, a lovely holiday break and an easy start to 2010. Stay safe, keep talking to your animals, may the Universe provide you with what you need and may you always have the knowledge that you have what you need to get through whatever it decides you need!

Merry Christmas :o)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Phew! My Mac is Back!

Had a lesson yesterday, my coach, Diane has long been both Mac and my security blanket, someone knowledgeable who knows both Mac and my self imposed limits LOL. Hubby is as unhorsey as they come and is useless at feeding out those calm confident vibes to Mac, so yesterdays lesson was the first time I'd been on Mac since my superhero impersonation where I believe I tried to fly :o)

I really do try to set the sensitive soul up for success because he is SOOOOOOO sensitive, so it was magnesium, a couple of sessions of groundwork and the first time getting back on in a setting he knows well and is comfortable in.

Of course as I knew he would be, he was fine, so we're away laughing again :o)

"The Girls" (chooks) are still putting out an egg each per day *eek* I'm sure I'll find someone to give them away to LOL. They are great and the spookiest one of all is now settling in in grand form and reminds me so much of Mary, the most cuddley, the most trusting (and this is a chook who I really couldn't get near prior to uplifting her!)

The dogs are good, Zak my darling old boy is and always has been mum's boy, the only time you realise he may have slowed down a tad (will be 12 in March) is when you see Leaping Leo streaking past him out in the paddock.

Karma still has lameness issues, and PeeWee's keeps flaring up after a hard run around in the paddock (soft girls letting the team down!)

Dozer is, well, Dozer hehehe, the strong silent type. And Leaping Leo is well, still mad as a hatter hehehe. Such a dominant boy, who has to throw it in everyone's face to prove it all the time. One on one he's such a honey, but with any of the others around he's an attention seeking goon :o)

The goats are finally moulting the winter coat out and expanding at an alarming rate! The all look pregnant (and they're NOT!) but that's a common look for them :o)

And the horses? All good. Hay is nearly ready to cut again. Marcus is a terrible 3 yr old (man the ATTITUDE on that kid is horrendous!!! I blame the Rasmussen genes, it cannot possibly be from his mother!) and Pete is busy making me a portable chicken coop for Xmas so I can wheel the girls around the paddock and set the chicken mesh up around them and their wee coop :o)

So there we are, all updated with what's happening here for now...

Hope everyone's plans for Xmas are sorted and the shopping nearly done.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Smokey hits the big league

well, OK, a lesson with the big league anyway LOL.

He was great, clicked on pretty well to what Jody was wanting on the ground (uses Andrew McLean's methods) and then I jumped on him and we worked on putting his feet where we wanted them going around the arena (his first time in an arena, all scary stuff you know!)

Jody is lovely, very down to earth, very approachable, and fantastically open minded shown not just in her own training but in accepting what I do too :o)

She'll be back in town in March after Horse of the Year so I'll save up for that, and in the meantime yesterday I thought we'd better do a float session as a reminder ready for today, and decided to change his entire way of loading and get him self loading so I can do him on my own. Pete in the front with an enticing piece of carrot to help get him to leave my side and he was doing it like a pro. This morning was the same, but he had a wee mishap on the way to the lesson, got his bum stuck under the back bar till he freed himself, but was a very worried boy when we arrived wanting to come straight off! Unlucky for him he'd bent the back bar so it took me a minute to get it undone LOL.

Explained to him after the lesson that's why he needs to stand on his own 4 feet properly in the float and it won't happen if he stands nicely in there. A little procrastination but nothing worse than yesterday's practice session and on he went again. Very good wee man.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A quick catch up as work waits...

The chooks have settled in fantastically and are just wonderful and gentle and friendly and these funny little birds I never even liked before have got a new fan in me :o) So curious!!!

Just bought a new helmet (eye is still wonky donk!) and jumped on Smokey after a month off and that long in spring grass (admittedly on rations) and he was great. Needed a wee session of ground work to alter his "I don't wanna be caught" attitude he'd developed, but as soon as he's getting regular attention again he's great.

He has his first ever lesson next week with Jody Hartstone who is visiting Blenheim so I'll let you know how it goes! Will be doing part of the lesson on ground work (Andrew McLeans methods) and part ridden.

They've all just been seen by the dentist who said Smokey is 4 and pretty much right on the button as he's about 6mths out from losing his 4 1/2yr caps. He was a very good boy :o)

Mac has been dumped onto some Alleviate for a couple of days as it's just been too wet to put a bowl of salt in the paddock for them and his attitude is softening again. I knew he was blaming me for things, but when the dentist turned up and Mac spazzed on him too and then wanted to know what I was punishing him for, I knew he wasn't in a good head space so roll out the Magnesium LOL.

Will be jumping on him end of next week and we'll be all guns blazing again :o)

Right off to talk to a horse...

Pets For Sale Joins the SPCA

Pets For Sale - Lost & Found and Adopt Pets in New Zealand.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wonky Donk Eyes

Well here we are nearly a month after departing company from my "darling" (said very tongue in cheek for the first couple of weeks!) Mac and my eyes are still wonky! A visit to the eye specialist and he doesn't know what's going on either, so he'll review the CT scan from the hospital and see him again in a couple of weeks.

Mac was blaming ME for what happened and was pretty anti me for a week or 2 after the incident, a bit less grass has helped sort that attitude out quite well, but the eyes have actually slowed me down getting back on, and I'll still need to do some ground work with the frisky boys for a few days now before getting on anyway, so should be able to book a lesson for next week and tackle those "getting back on a psycho horse" nerves then LOL. I'll know if HE is going to be fine, but falling off hurts and I don't want MORE wonky eyes so have those subtle self doubt nerves hanging around. Will ride Smokey first and that'll help :o)

So eye specialist put some drops in the jammed open pupil and hey presto it certainly can close, so now I have these photos hehehehe, too funny really!

before a visit to the eye specialist...

after a visit to the eye specialist!

The chickens (6 girls) have settled in well and a friend took 4 too, so we've managed to save 10 out of over a thousand and give them an extended life :o) The girls are lovely and producing an egg a day each quite happily (we don't eat that many eggs!) I'm sure the dogs will love one each a week to help keep the numbers to use down!

And lastly "Talk To Your Animals" now has a facebook page. Facebook seems to be much more interactive than blogs so feel free to become a "fan" and join in :o)

Talk-To-Your-Animals on FaceBook

Friday, November 20, 2009

What a week....

Auckland was great, Marcus is at a great age for nana to do things with, so we had train rides, and ferry rides and ate out so much I got used to it LOL. Slotted some work in there too and as always lovely to meet some new people and the 4 legged kids of theirs :o)

Caught up with a couple of friends and hey presto the week is up and it's time to head home again!

Arrive home and go straight out to collect eggs and check on Mary and the girls....

Mary is gone :o( colour me very blue indeed.... I KNEW I should have taken her earlier, I KNEW those survival traits I'd noticed in her were slipping, I KNEW she wanted met to take her the last time I saw her when the sweet scraggly darling accepted kisses on her tiny bald head and begged me to take her.... oh yes, beliefs aside, I'm beating myself up for that one! Poor sweet, darling little Mary who was something beyond a chicken and will never be forgotten. Gone completely, not noticed by anyone else, she would have been a tiny carcass removed from the shed while I was gone *sob*

So Sunday morning came and I needed to ride the horses before heading up to do eggs again, it was windy, the horses had gotten fat in a week and somehow I ended up in hospital, vowing and declaring my occupation on the ACC forms was Police hahahahaha. So what happened I'm not sure, it was straight after mounting as per Mac's usual, unfortunately Leo the wannabe Lion gave chase, Mac had probably already shut down (or he wouldn't have left me behind!) and ran around the house and INTO a shut gate, bending the gate (a new gate!) and popping the staple the catch hooks onto right out of the post. Leg thru his reins he's very lucky all he got was a little scrape on a fore leg (not even any blood!)

So Kelley-Anne has a CAT scan and a steroid shot for a swelling brain and left with instructions that are only vaguely remembered not to ride for 4 weeks (say what?! They want me to get ditched AGAIN?! I will be if I leave him that long!) and to come back if the pupils don't return to normal the next day... So no eggs to be collected that day by me! Altho we went straight there from hosptial to see if hope against hopes Mary had just been hiding somewhere the day before... alas, no such luck :o(

Here I am 5 days later pupils STILL uneven and Dr's stumped as to why LOL. One pupil is enlarged and locked like that, the other is reacting normally. Oh well, will just have to get a decent pair of sunnies for summer and look after them!

So having returned from a holiday where nothing was "normal" anyway heading into a week like that to be honest it's felt a bit surreal.

Eggs again this weekend (better do some work for the poor guys since they had to cover me last Sunday hehehe) and Sunday is the day I get to bring some of the girls home (if only you could have held on Mary!!!) So Penny is a definite as is another that is as yet unnamed... shall then put Mary to the task of chosing any others and sending them to me. I was going to limit it to Mary and 2 others so she wouldn't be picked on, but I reckon 5 or so now will be a good number until some more join them when the next shed is ready to go...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What to do for your Animals on Guy Fawkes???

Go out and enjoy the show with them :o)

My goats are the only ones who pelt around the paddock before they take shelter in the implement shed but they need the exercise. The dogs couldn't care less, but then I couldn't care less either.

I go out to see the horses when they first start and remind them that fireworks for us are a celebration, a happy time we share with family and friends and admire the lights and the noise. So I stand out there and admire the lights and the noise with my family and friends (the 4 legged ones) until I'm bored and then I go back inside.

Make it a positive thing for them, explain what it is, so there is no unknown aspect to it for them, enjoy it with them and then leave them to it :o)

Animals "hear" what you are feeling the thinking, so don't worry about anything, or they pick up on that worry and then the strange noises and lights start and they go "oooooh that must be what she was worried about!!!!" and stress too... just enjoy the celebration and leave them enjoying it too :o)

Of course that doesn't mean you do NOTHING for an animal that does stress about them, you take your normal safety precautions! Common sense still exists so you use it :o) But by removing all stress from yourself you will remove a massive amount from your animals too.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Where has time gone???

It's nearly Christmas already!!!

Marcus and I are off to Auckland this Saturday for a week, see nana, do a little work, catch up with some people, looking forward to it :o)

Mac had his dressage including his first ever musical (mine too!) Rather disappointed with the marking of it, but hey, that's life, I was very happy with his attitude over the weekend, full of energy but we weren't butting heads like we can hehehe and he loved "dancing" to the musical with me so that was cool.

I do think the 2nd lot of homeopathic drops are working too as we haven't had any butting heads sessions over things since the first lesson we had (4 days after the drops started) We even had 2 fantastic lessons last week with Saskia Ostermeier, with no tension from him and I'm feeling very confident we can get him TRULY to level 3 now I know how to sort out his strength (and weakness) issues LOL.

Smokey has had some more bareback riding and was a very good boy in the trot, brakes were still in place and all!! He also did his first gate yesterday when he headed out to ride down to the end of the road and was a great wee boy with me hanging off the side of him (it wasn't pretty by any stretch of the imagination but we did it!)

Am still helping out collecting free range eggs every 2nd weekend and have 3 wee girls ready to come home with me in a months time, however one of them (Mary) is beginning to worry me, she is/was a survivor, knew how to keep her head down and shut up when the attacks and bullying came, but has now started to squawk (calling me for help) and it draws attention to her. She is begging to come home with me every time I'm there, following me like a dog and asking to be picked up. Breaks my heart having to leave her there when I leave and then not seeing her for 2 weeks is torture! I don't even like chickens!!!!! hahahaha (note the hysterical note in that laughter!) My sweet tail-less Mary is just the sweetest, most gentle wee girl tho, I think she could win anyone over! She even decided my head looked like a safe place to perch when a bully started in on her at one of the nesting boxes I was emptying, I laughed so hard she nearly fell off!

She looks so tiny and mangy and horrible with no feathers, but she is absolutely beautiful :o)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Well since Smokey and Marcus are about the same age

it's only right that Marcus is having some of his "firsts" around now too! Going to kindy and getting colds non-stop means he gets to do all the fun stuff kindy kids do like a TRIKE-ATHON! Raising money for some new playground equipment, so off we went to that last night, helmet borrowed from Liam next door (thanks Liam!) trike in tow...

He did well considering he was apparently tired and it was his dinner time LOL.

Proud mummy of the big boy (exactly 3 1/2 yesterday too :o)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Spring has Sprung...

the grass is riz
I wonder where
them birdies is.

Ignore me, a poem I remember reading in the Grapevine many years ago!

Marcus has had one day back at kindy after the holidays and has ANOTHER cold!!!! Unbelievable! He's already on mutli-vits for kids and Vit C every day, anyone have any other ideas for him?!

Mac has another lot of homeopathic drops in the mail to us, ones that deal with issues with "change" so will report back after we've tried those at a lesson and dressage next weekend!

Smokey had our first bareback session flying solo today. First couple of times legs touched him and asked him to move on he thought they must mean backwards but by the end of 10 mins walking round he was accepting them doing all the normal things and was fine, dandy and his usual lovely self :o)

(does he look bum high to you guys?! I think he may be having another wee growth spurt!)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Spring is Back!

Gosh I've been tired the last few days, but the cold weather has lifted and the sun was out and a glorious day and I got to head up for another ride with Pauline up the Valley further. Took Mac altho Smokey would have coped fine. Climbed up damn high! Stopped for some photos of the scenery with a bit of snow still showing on the hills but of course they look nothing like the panorama you actually "see"...

This is home, Wairau Valley.... the Wairau River running through it, left of the photo's is West, to the right is East and Blenheim....

My dear wee boy even let me take some photo's off him today so either he was very distracted by the views (and he was!) or the homeopathy has helped in little ways :o)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

So, as a I matter of interest I gave homeopathy a try...

having spoken to a friend at the last dressage they indicated they'd tried some homeopathy on their boy and had noticed the difference in stress levels in him etc. The lady they used is in Nelson so handy enough I decided to give her a ring and see what happened.

After lengthy discussion we decided to start with a remedy to help release the past abuse stuff and then see how much of his usual tension was linked to that as to whether he needed anything different.

He had his first drops on Friday and on Saturday I had an incredibly "soft" horse, very soft in the eye, still alert and interested in what was going on around him but very soft and smoochy. It was a pretty windy day too and Mac HATES the wind, but we had a split second of tension as the first 2 gusts hit and then he was fine and on a long rein even into a BIG gust head on (normal semi bolt material) and NO lifting of the head at all, so very soft and accepting.

Saturday night however brought a "I'm not sticking around" for his cover to be thrown on (another hate of his LOL) and for no good reason he took off from that. Another lovely soft and giving ride on Sunday and I thought we were full steam ahead, but at our lesson today, we had nothing but arguing the rotten darling! He just didn't want to soften, he didn't want to give or do as asked so obviously his stubborn streak is not abuse related hehehe (not that I thought it was!) Stubborn and contrary just like his mum damn him!

So will give a report to Vicki the homeopath and see what she recommends from here and just see how much relaxation for him we can pull out of a bottle (not much I reckon, the boy likes to make me work for what we get!)

Sunday resulted in a bareback session for Smokey too.... just right back to baby steps and a good few mounting and dismountings with hubby just standing at his head for a safety net for Smokey. Then a couple of walk arounds on just a 10 metre circle before another dismount and mount. As per everything else, he just took it in his stride :o) REALLY looking forward to doing heaps of bareback with him, I do miss that!

On a down side, Pete's mum has found out her cancer has not gone after chemo and radiation but has in fact spread, which has resulted in my "hold everything in" husband having anxiety attacks he thought were heart attacks, so working on helping him open up and deal with things. Mum in Law is waiting to hear what they'll do chemo wise for her but hopefully this time round we might actually have a shot at getting her to try some more natural help too, even if it's just in the form of vitamins/minerals etc to boost the system. Eating broccoli just isn't gonna cut it now!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

a couple of websites of interest...

great work by Rachael and Danny De Hek, the sites are incredible! Check them out people, have fun getting lost in there and looking around :o)

NZ Information Network yep, that's a listing of mine in there!

And their equestrian forum:

NZ's Equestrian Network

Great sites, great work guys and some good chatting going on there! Come on over and say hi anyone who is interested! A HUGE range of forums on the New Zealands Information Network too, German Shepherd Rescue have a forum in there for the dogs :o)

Auckland Visit 2nd Week of November

yep, time to head north again. Will take the young fella up to see his Nana in Auckland so if anyone is wanting to book a consult while I'm there there will be limited availability. Also time (although limited too) to meet up for coffees etc so drop me an email if you'd like (email through the website :o)

Dressage Come and Gone again and now "Questions"...

rotten scores but am very happy with Mac's attitude on the whole :o)

Was talking to someone there who is just trying some homeopathic drops on their pony as he gets a bit stressed at dressage and doesn't cope as well when the rider puts the pressure on (he is Open Medium!) and they said they noticed the difference in him over the weekend.

I've emailed the lady and will ring her tonight to discuss Mac and will give it a go....

Somehow it feels like cheating though! I would never consider taking Rescue Remedy, or a hipflask or anything else, to me that is removing your chance at learning, however I'm happy to take vitamins LOL. So is it cheating to give something like that to a horse to take the edge of the tension he puts on himself (or rather that I probably put on him) or is it doing a good thing and trying to remove the tension that I may have caused? My fault so mine to help solve? I don't know.....

It's not drugs, it's not even "herbal" it's simple homeopathy but I still feel like it's taking short cuts..... would love others feedback on this because I'm truly in a quandry about it!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Some videos of the boys :o)

Much as I'd love to blame Pete for not zooming in, these were taken on the normal camera and if you zoom in they go all grainy so Pete's been told not to zoom for vids LOL.

Boring circles, but I'm proud of both my beautiful boys so here they are... complete with some dogs and goats thrown in for good measure :o)

and just because it's been a while

and I use the need for them for the blog to get hubby to man the camera ;o) here are the boys in action today...

My Main Man Mac ...

and my Beloved Boy, Smokey...

I had been doing a pick a spot and ride to it on Mac, where I would look the completely other way (as much as possible) but hubby is a bit challenged with doing good vids and sad to say they really didn't turn out well. Came after talking about subtle body shifts with mum while riding and how even turning your head (the heaviest "limb" of your body) can alter your balance to shift your horse under you, so thought I'd DISprove that in relation to riding with the mind, by using opposite body position, looking away from the point etc and still have Mac go straight to it. Worked! Just the videos didn't LOL. Ah well he did get some nice trot circle vids of the boys so will load those up too :o)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Meant to be????

Well I am a firm believer of "everything for a reason" and believe too that all the major stepping stones in our lives are preplanned and pretty much cannot be avoided, however how much do the little things affect us when they deviate from the "plan"?


LOL. I had the chance to talk with a cat just the other day, who had had a leg and a tail amputated. He wasn't really a happy boy but the loss of the mangled leg didn't worry him, but the loss of the tail upset him hugely! He was very much "the tail should still be here!" I sent him some energy for healing as was appropriate for him and funnily enough when I sent it to him this energy was going to the nonexistent tail!!! It didn't go to the missing leg, it's like it knew the leg was meant to go, but the tail should still have been there so the energy still went to the psychic tail if you like.

Was very strange! So had to give the boy a pep talk or 2 and remind him that we can't turn the clock back and bring his tail back for him and work thru a couple of things he was hanging onto around the whole accident and vet visits. Thankfully from the initial feedback from mum his mental attitude has relaxed and with some accupunture for some blockages and pain issues and the bioptron for an area he was licking raw he should come to terms with a slight deviation from his chosen path LOL.

We have spring rains happening which is just as well since they've said we may get droughts this summer, and Mac is going well, I'm still working hard on getting myself right, Smokey is a doll as per usual and Princess Roger is enjoying his new name (dear me!)

Dogs are good, child has his 4th cold, I've just had my back cracked after a weekend of agony and locked up muscles (till I remembered to use the bioptron on myself too!) and now feeling good :o)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mark Todd comes back to haunt me...

I remember as a young teen when Mark Todd was winning everything on wee Charisma (what a dude of a horse) Toddy would always praise the horse when anything went well, and always blamed himself if anything went wrong... Such a great and humble horseman, well FINALLY I'm reaching that point for myself.

FINALLY instead of thinking "but it must be Mac, I'm not doing anything wrong (or different)" I've put the magnifying glass on myself after reading Dancing With Horses by Klaus Hempfling and hey presto when mumma is straight, Mac is straight, when Mumma is right Mac is right. Poor old Mac, Mum's just been a crap rider up till now and he's been trying to compensate for my crap riding and getting told off for it (yeah yeah, some of us still don't listen well LOL) but I'm making it up to him now and it's never too late!

We're finally coming together not just in mind and spirit but finally in body too and it's a great feeling. After months and months of frustation and feeling like we're going backwards I finally feel like I can see where we're actually going and I'm gonna love every step of the journey!

It's not enough to just ride with the mind when the body is screaming something opposite, you must at least be neutral with the body if you want good results with the mind work LOL.

Mac my very patient teacher, the love of my life xxxx

Friday, August 7, 2009

Winter Dressage Series ends on a HIGH!

and no I didn't win it, but Oh My God, what a warmup we had for the afternoon! The energy was literally zapping through us both, the work was just BRILLIANT (and I'm the first to say "that was crap" even when others think it was good) so Brilliant from me is really something, and the full on energy buzz up my back when he hit his perfection was literally such a buzz LOL. I'm still grinning just thinking about it. Of course by the time we got to the arena it'd pretty much gone out the window *sigh* but still we were the consistent ones over the series turning up and doing every test (and getting placed due to low entries hehehe) so we came home with the Elementary Champion Trophy and gorgeous rosette.

Have picked up and continuing reading Klaus Hempflings book Dancing with Horses and it's going into now how to get the collection and work out of them while riding (previously he was talking about all the groundwork as preparation) and it all makes a lot of sense and is actually the same body position as our martial arts uses so SHOULD be easily enough to transfer across to riding right????


Jumped on Smokey yesterday and tried to put it into practice and he was great, his little sewing machine pony legs trot is actually surprisingly easy to sit too! And I could feel and follow easily the motion of his body. He was however frisky and it was a glorious (nearly) spring day and after 1/2 hour of trotting round he started head shaking! It appears he doesn't like sweat trickling down his face! He also thought the hose was going to eat him so hosing him off afterwards turned into a bit of a test for my temper and his stubborness! Got him in the end and once the water was on him (just like him backing away from people too!) he just stopped.

Oh and he got his front feet trimmed by the farrier on Monday!!! I kept telling him to trust the farrier, trust the farrier, it wasn't of course working, so I told him to trust ME, as I trust the farrier, that was acceptable to him and front feet got done and back feet picked up :o)

Mac's ride yesterday was a lot harder to get the feel of than Smokey! His trot is so big that I tend to just try to absorb it all with pelvis and spine together and don't let them work independantly of each other, but we got it several times so something to work on. I then took the stirrups away and actually crossed them in front of the saddle (first time for everything) and even had a wee trot like that with him tense but not going to explode on me :o)

Have also been a case study for a friend who is now doing her people Bowen certification and if I can now keep that pelvis moving and stretched hopefully I'll be a lot more even on the horses! Thanks Kimberley!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

is it spring already?!

what gorgeous weather we've had this weekend! Sadly my cold is STILL lingering, actually lingering probably isn't the right word as it hasn't gotten any better over the week! Marcus has caught it now too poor little sausage, and I'm very thankful for a lull in work right now!

Dragged myself outside yesterday afternoon and grabbed Smokey out for a ride. Still a bit slippery in the paddocks due to the good frosts we've been having, so after a wee trot out, I took him for a walk down the dead end road... led him first, then hopped on him down by the neighbours place and rode him back up. Stopped at a loooooong puddle at the road/grass edge and after a bit of coaxing he decided he knew I wanted him to go forward at it, but it didn't mean he had to get his feet feet so he jumped it! Our first jump hahaha.

He has another loose milk tooth too, directly above the bottom one he's recently lost, so will soon be down to one milk tooth top and bottom on that side and still 2 top and bottom on the near side.

Today Mac came out for a ride first, off we went down the road, then back up the road and up onto the Main Rd. Traffic was very light so he was pretty chilled out. Up past a 3 yr old slightly feral colt and then down a side road to do the wee wooden bridge. Mac has been over it before but not for about a year I suppose. He stopped, he went backwards, he said nah ah, until the 2 ponies on the other side of the bridge watching him were brought into the conversation. It went something like this...

"Wow, those 2 ponies aren't going to be hugely impressed by the big wimpy stallion Mac who's scared to go over the bridge are they?!" (Yes Mac thinks he's ALL that, particularly after just going past the feral boy) no sooner had I said that to him and urged him on and hey presto over the bridge he goes hahahaha.

Got him home and took Smokey out again. Down the road leading him (he has been rather upset but the horse who was currently in the yards beside the road when we've been down there a couple of weeks or so ago) couldn't have cared less today, so hopped on down the end of the road and road him back up. He grew about a hand as he stopped to look at the horse in the yards leaping around, but trundled on happily. Hooked on the lead rope when we got back to the gate and took Smokes the same route Mac had just been, just leading him out to see how he was in the traffic. All good, not a care in the world. No hesitation at the bridge, just followed me over it. So all in all, very cool, calm and collected!

And then did a very unofficial measuring of him with the new weight/height tape, and he is currently just under 14.1hh, so hopefully he'll grow just a little more yet!

Mac, when he could be convinced the tape wasn't about to eat him, is pretty much bang on 15hh which is what I thought he was. Will have to drag Roger out for a measure too!

And that's about it, hopefully I'll shake this cold soon!!! and not get any more for a year, that'd be nice too!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

and what a lovely surpise! a day of firsts...

it was gale force winds out there today and somehow I'm catching another cold! grrrr so it was going to be a lazy day of do nothing...... but!

Lunchtime and I got a phonecall from a 'neighbour' 10kms up the road asking if I wanted to go up for a ride. Well Maccy Boy LOATHES big winds so I jumped at the chance of saying "I'll bring Smokey!!!"

Off we went, got there and off the float, he was looking around but nothing too exciting. Then Brian on the tractor came past with a front full of hedge trimmings, aaaah no big deal. Saddle up and go up to the hitching area where Pauline and her young girl from next door are saddling up too. Smokey really wanted to say hi to the young guy (his age) still in the paddock but was very well behaved. Mounted up and away we went.

Thru a nice big stream, a bit of coaxing needed and he decided if he could drink it it must be OK to walk through hehehe. On off up into the forestry where we aimed up a hill and had our first canter! Trotted past a scary tree and another canter. Got to the top of the hill and there was another one! Another canter, another scary tree, another canter LOL. Up the top of that hill and he needed to catch his wind so the rest were walked up. On our way way we encountered a fallen tree that was supposed to be a jump test, but it turned into a "I can walk over that hairy tree mum it's OK". Up the top of all those hills it was time to head back down again, so a photo opportunity came up when Pauline hopped off (sorry Pauline it was on movie mode but it would have been a good photo!)

and we walked them all down the looooooong down hill (save the young ones withers). On the way down was another fallen down tree, which the short boy COULD have squished under with me but the other 2 hadn't had to do that so he decided he didn't have too, so we had to slide off the edge of the track and get around the end of it.

Down the bottom and another photo opportunity of me on the boy, and once we got him to stand still (I got on it must be time to go!!!) we got a few cute photo's shame they didn't really show off the countryside and the amazing views.

Then it was head for home. Back through the stream, and down towards the house and float and we took the chance to get him to walk over one of Paulines jumps that was on the ground. "No mum, it's scary, don't make me!" as he's trying to turn away from it, but hey presto, if I can turn hin back he has lost and has to do what's asked (how easy is that!?!) so he walked over that nicely too.

Then into the sheep yards for his dinner while I went in for a cuppa and here's Brian still hard at work on the tractor and Smokey all alone without mummy eating...... what a good boy.

So a FANTASTIC day and passed all the tests with flying colours and I am just so so SO proud of my wee boy :o)

Bowen for Karma in Christchurch

was the aim of this last week. Marcus and I took a trip down on Tuesday since his tummy bug was well and truly over.

Karma got to meet Veronica and got a Bowen session on Wednesday and another one on Friday on the way back home.

Was lovely to meet Veronica myself and a very capable Bowen practitioner if anyone is wanting one in Canterbury!

Nice to catch up with old friends and to meet a couple of horsey people we haven't met before! Marcus was very well behaved and Karma Banana didn't dig up nana and granddads pristine lawn so all was good :o)

Home on Friday and on Saturday thought I'd better get on Smokey again. Had a nice wee ride on him and then took him for a walk down the road again (led not ridden) he was much better than the first time! Much more relaxed :o)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Play Time With Mac, lets push the communication!

So I rode Smokey today, a nice little schooling session for him and walked over the trot poles there, we did some "pick a spot and ride to it" and the first 3 Smokey aimed too but didn't want to "touch" the spot till I told him he'd get a piece of apple or bread for each spot hit exactly. We got up to 7 before I thought I'd better pull the pin in case I didn't have enough treats there LOL. Once we finished it was Mac's turn and he was a funny boy and was in a playful mood. So after 15 boring mins of schooling I decided to do the point and shoot with him too, he too needed a little bribery to be bothered hitting the mark, then we both got bored with that and I said lets do some transitions the same way then, well he wasn't concentrating nearly enough and we ended up doing a lengthened trot right down the paddock me laughing my head off and him thinking he was so damn fine and funny! So gave up on that one and asked if he wanted to aim for some points again, he wanted to be more in control so we reversed the roles.... he was to pick a point, I would then see if I could get it from him and would then look away so I didn't influence where he went and he would walk to the point. We had a ball, out just a tad on a couple but all those trees in the wind break look the same to me LOL. Just a great fun, play session, was lovely!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Just what I needed!

Marcus's tummy bug continued for a while! We've now been 36 hours since the last messy session so hopefully it's gone! So after having canceled our lesson on Tuesday for him, I booked it in for this morning and it was a good one! :o)

Went out this afternoon and thought I'd better do some work with Smokey so while the float was hooked up we did some float loading, then gear on and long reined him up the paddock and back at which point Pete arrived home from work so Marcus climbed the gate and went back inside and I decided to jump on the wee poppet. So, how long has it been? About a month? As expected, he was a star, didn't set a foot wrong, very willing, moving nicely, so finish and trim those long feet up!

Sooty the little black goat had a partial foot trim a week or so ago but was still walking like a cripple so caught the fat brat tonight (she HATES her feet being trimmed!) and did hers while I was in the foot trimming mood, no rot thankfully and pretty brutal with the trim so hopefully she'll feel happier in a day or 2 hehehe.

And now back into work, no sick child, no broken sleeps to change beds, we're away laughing again! :o)

Monday, July 6, 2009

gosh winter and an energy ebb

... and I guess too many late nights don't help! Had dressage on Sunday, nice attitude from the boy, very happy with him and think the tests on a whole were better than last months (although the marks were a wee bit lower this time round). Very happy with him and the vids of them.

Smokey has just lost a wee baby tooth at the front, little gappy smile he has now LOL. He's been a good boy and I just threw the covers back on them 1/2 an hour ago and got a big smoochy hug from him instead of the usual mouthiness, was a very nice hug.

Work is ticking along, nothing hugely exciting to share there, no new things or techniques happening.

Marcus had his first every tummy bug on Saturday night which resulted in me being very tired for dressage and him staying at home with daddy! STILL tired now, would love to crash into bed at 6pm when he will be but have work to get done... no rest for the wicked!

But winter can be beautiful even if cold and wet....

There's snow in them there hills!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Well we must all be hibernating since it's winter...

Nothing exciting to report here! Smokey is still on time off, Mac has more dressage next weekend, heading to Nelson on Saturday for our first Top Of The South Market Day to sell horse gear at the A&P grounds, thought I'd take some salt over and support it and see what I can spend some money on.

Marcus has finally caught his cold so no kindy for him today, gotten through most of the work stacked up (Thanks to all supporting the Kai Wild Horse Welfare Trust, haven't finished the month yet to know the total they get but it'll be put to good use as usual)

It's been cold and great frosts and beautiful star lit nights, have forgotten to turn the hose off a couple of nights filling up the boys trough, oops, a fair bit of ice out there after I did that, a fair bit of mud now hehehe.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

As they used to say when I was a mechanic....

If in doubt hit it with a hammer! Well, Mac and Smokey have just been to see Tommy Berhns the Chiro this morning, both got belted with hammers and are much happier. I knew Smokey needed to see him and he didn't set a foot wrong, didn't try to avoid being touched or anything. Didn't want to leave the racetrack to come home though, far too much going on there to want to leave! He was out under his saddle and his near side hip.

Mac I hadn't really checked over (God knows WHY I didn't with him getting so grumpy recently working, dumb mummy!) but he goes to get checked (and to keep Smokey company) anyway and one of his sacral vertebrae was out so no wonder he was getting tight and grumpy when being asked to work. Poor poppet, he's such a "feelings" transmitter that it's very easy to not hear him and I should have used my brains and scanned him a lot earlier (not that it would have helped except in my patience with him because Tommy wouldn't have been here anyway LOL) So he can now have a lesson later this week, and Smokes has 2 weeks off so time to do some groundwork again with him.

Pete and I are full of head colds, Marcus hasn't caught it yet (surprised there!!! Good little immune system he has!) but his system is fighting it off, being tired and the odd sneeze coming from him. He's also doing kindy for a couple of hours twice a week so I may even get a chance to do some work during the day now! WOOHOOO!

Monday, June 8, 2009

YAY! My Mac Attack is Back!

We had a lovely day at dressage, a good attitude from both of us, admittedly he was tired, as he'd been ridden pretty hard the last week hehehe, but his ATTITUDE was good! And we managed some OK scores with that, so I was happy and he got his Oddfellow fix!

No gorgeous photos as Pete videoed both tests for me instead :)

Got an appointment with the horse chiro next week will take Mac and Smokey along get them tweaked up for the winter. Hopefully Smokey will trust me that a strange man poking and whacking him is OK!!! LOL

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

And how is Smokey I hear you ask???

He's been wormed and eeeeeeeew what is coming out of him is INCREDIBLE!!! I won't put any pics of his worm ridden poo in here LOL, but some ghouls on Face Book have asked to see some so there are some up there hehehe.

We had a lovely ride on Thursday, a proper "training" ride, on a circle, transitions and a bit of "work"! He coped brilliantly.

Got another ride today, just a wee one as he's busy shedding such a huge worm burden and still getting daily wormer but conned Pete to grab the camera and get a shot or 2 ...

Mac hasn't settled back into his "work" we're fighting his tension, if he would just relax he'd find it soooooo much easier, he knows this but still he fights LOL.

He fought so much on Tuesday at our lesson that for the first time in 5 1/2 yrs I hit him! (On the neck we don't do whips!) and it shocked him so much he pulled his head in and worked nicely for the last 5 mins of our lesson that went overtime! grrrrr AND we have dressage this weekend! oh hell.....

Anyway here are a couple of quick shots of him on our ride on Monday, Pete is so not horsey, I jump on and there he is with the camera, get it over and done with so he can get back inside, so they're not flattering, but Mac doesn't need to be flattered, he's just gorgeous any old time!

and lastly, how's this for cute??? Dozer and PeeWee...

Muster is done....

200 Kai's mustered, at least 30 will be slaughtered but a lot of homes and sponsorships found, well done to the Kaimanawa Wild Horse Welfare Trust!!! They've found homes for over 100 horses and will have sponsorship for many more if needed which is fantastic!

I've been designing some caps and notepads and pens for them for fund raising which has been fun to do too. And they look good :)

Here is Smokey's one (yes if you have a Kai and want it personalised it can be done!) ...

and here is a general supporters one...

One example of a note pad (a couple of different designs available)...

and lastly one of the pens...

Caps $20 including postage.
Notepad and pen set $6 including postage.

ALL profits to the Kai Trust to assist with handling and rehoming sponsored horses... fire me an email if you want any!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

lovely site eh guys! People with vision, creating a safe haven for Kaimanawa Horses! Wonderful!!! Asking for donations and selling photo's to raise funds for these horses..... good cause!!!

The horses are dead.....

Nearly 40 of them all sent to the abattoir last week including Kai's recently sold to them and the old owner offered to take them back!

Vision my butt! DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE ANY MONEY!!!! They have killed the horses they had and the website is still up and functional as is there blog where their last post was only a month ago!

Spread the word, name and shame!

Run free you beautiful Kai's...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Just to prove I do put up crappy photo's, here are a few caught on camera of Mac on Sunday hehehe. Then the camera went flat and I got no photo's of his better 2nd test (in which we got 4th). Had a lesson yesterday and we negotiated some time off for him. 2 weeks with no lessons and just hacking out with some trips up to a mates farm for some blow outs weather permitting (and it's supposed to RAIN this weekend *sigh*)

So here is Mac in all his "glory" (little brat)

Monday, May 4, 2009


another dressage day gone and what a mess! Running late meant I had 20 mins from getting on till we were due to go in the arena and to be honest I don't know if an hour 20 would have been enough. Mac's brain was fried! He's been getting a bit antsy the last few weeks and very strong in his canters, wanting to have a blow out (my paddock really is NOT suitable for a blow out blat!) and Sunday after been eating high sugar grass growing up around them in the eaten down paddock and not enough work due to the rain built up to equal a write off in our first test :(

However after an hours warm up for our 2nd test we only had one major stuff up and the rest was OK, so have promised him I'll sort out a farm ride for the weekend and we'll aim for a couple of the steepest hills I can find and give him his blow out LOL.

In the meantime Smokey is getting covers on and off without getting "caught" in the paddock, he is also wondering when his next ride is, so cute. I'm sure it's only because he knows thats the only time he gets a feed, but still, it's nice to be wanted :)

Still working on the energy riding with Mac in particular since he's getting ridden more.

Karma my arthritic wee girl is sporting a new Back On Track coat and has started on Rhus Tox and is looking a little less stiff and sore which is great because it's been pretty cold.

And outside of that I'm exhausted! Too many late nights and no sleep ins LOL, I need some early nights... but must dash and finish talking with a very ill wee kitten so better sign off for now.

Keep warm, appreciate every second you have with your loved ones, 4 legged, 2 or none...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Time is Flying By....

Where is the year going? A week ago we shot down to Christchurch and the boy child had a little bit of a party with his cousins since he was 3 on Monday.

Put entries in for our dressage next weekend, first of the winter series and doing ALL Elementary tests (eek). On a plus side Mac is working really well, and we've certainly stepped it up a notch, well over due but still, we're moving and thats the main thing!

Smokey got ridden in the rain last night, a nice soft drizzle and it seemed completely natural to be on him in it. I think that little bush pony could convince me to be more than a fair weather rider! He was watching Mac doing all his canter work yesterday and decided in his excitement during his ride afterwards that he could do that too LOL, 1/2 a canter stride before I thought better of it. He's responding brilliantly to just lifting and dropping the energy for transitions, a true blank canvas to play with.

So overnight was the first of our Autumn rains, a bit of a drought breaker thankfully and soaked up so fast by the grass today I feel like I should still be watering the garden!

May will be the usual fundraising month for the Kaimanawa Wild Horse Welfare Trust Inc, to help them with costs incurred during the muster usually held sometime in May. I know first hand what a great job they do, without their involvement Smokey would be dead...... so 25% of all consults paid for in May will go to them.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter!

Right, who actually knows where the Easter Bunny and delivery of eggs came from? I don't remember hearing that one in school and it makes absolutely no sense to me!

Good Friday wasn't so good for Nicole and Roger, she came from town to ride him and right at the end she fell off! It was a good splat too eh Nicole, right on her butt, poor old Rog was terrified after that, people are supposed to stay on him not go flying!

Had a ride on Smokes, another hassle free ride and then he watched me ride Mac, ears pricked forward the whole time LOL.

Saturday was a trip into town and that resulted in a nana nap when I got home so horses got a day off hehehe.

Easter Sunday and I had a ride on Smokey again, did a full 20 mins and about 1/2 of that was trotting. Nice big long trots. He responds really well to the lifting of the energy to go into trot, don't need so much leg and clicking encouragement when I concentrate on riding him properly LOL.

Then a nice ride on Mac, even told Pete he had to get out on the balcony and get some photo's of us too! Last ones were over 5 yrs ago of me riding at home!!!! He managed to pop out on the balcony JUST as I got on, so we're not warmed up, then he chopped off my head, chopped off Mac's legs, made a couple blurry and I'm left with 2 semi decent photos LOL. Poor old Mac!

Was a gorgeous day too could have almost believed is was Spring! Even left the 2 hotties covers off last night!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Finally Flying Solo....

After having not been ridden for 2 weeks I hopped on on Friday and Smokey was FRISKY!!!! Can you believe it?!!!

He was looking at everything, ears pricked forward, the dogs were out in the paddock with us while we were riding too, for the first time, so he was wanting to head to them all the time, Marcus and daddy were wandering up the paddock and he was ears forward watching them too.

And then!!! He'd STOP! LOL, that's Smokey being frisky hehehe, he'd get so "oh oh oh" he'd just stop! It was so cute.

So hopped on him again Sunday afternoon when we got home from visiting a preggy friend and since it was Marcus's dinner time, I left daddy inside with him and we went solo :)

Not a care in the world, not a worry, dogs out with us again. No stubborn stopping in sight not even when I got right back down by the shed and bellowed out to Pete to get the camera and take some photo's off the balcony. (Lighting wasn't the best so had to lighten one of them up.) While we were waiting for him to come back with the camera, we turned Smokey away from the finish line (the float and his feed and apples!) and circled up towards the top of the paddock again, he was happy as larry to do it too, so nice to see the stubborn streak is mellowing.

I got off him and while he was eating and getting big cuddles, I was talking to Mac who was behind the tape about 10 metres away and while I was talking to him about Smokey I was searching for the right adjective for Smokey..... it finally came to me.... "innocent". That's Smokey, he's innocent.

Then a lovely ride on my far from innocent Mac and hey presto it was dark while I was trying to pick up poo at only 7pm *sob*

I hate the end of daylight savings!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Koala's say "Thank You"

to those that got consults during the last 2 months, thank you all for your support. I can now send off over $200 to help the Ozzy Fire Victims. It's not a huge amount so I'm going to send it all to the Victorian SPCA who have been helping the wildlife too.

Thanks again guys :)

Sunday, March 29, 2009

His First Show...

Smokey had his tail and white socks washed yesterday and was great for that. Didn't wash any more of him because he's not covered yet and would have ended up dirtier than he was!

And this morning after having been prepped mentally for his first outing, a little inhand show, he decided at 7.30am was NOT a decent time to be caught and said "pass" hehehe. Didn't help that they all thought they were getting grass and Mac and Roger were hot on my heels which means Smokey gets out the way!

So caught him, plaited his beautiful long mane into a hunters plait and loaded him on the float. He traveled like a pro, and exited the float perfectly. At the bottom of the ramp he looked around and grew a full hand hehehe. Shame it didn't last, he settled within 30 seconds and shrunk back down to pony size hehehe.

Bridle on, and off to the ring!

What a star, there was no pressure (except to get him to trot on lead, we don't do that too much and it tended to be a bit of a pony club hauling on him to get him going) so we both just had fun watching the horses (and him eating, cause lets face it he missed breakfast at home LOL)

So we were in 5 classes and came home with 3 ribbons :) His attitude was fantastic, but the judge coming at him with a flapping ribbon was a bit beyond him so mum had to put his ribbons on him. A 2nd and a Reserve Champion (lets be fair, there were only 2 of us in those classes!) and a ribbon he earned, 1st in mount suited for pony club out of 4 or 5 :)