Sunday, March 29, 2009

His First Show...

Smokey had his tail and white socks washed yesterday and was great for that. Didn't wash any more of him because he's not covered yet and would have ended up dirtier than he was!

And this morning after having been prepped mentally for his first outing, a little inhand show, he decided at 7.30am was NOT a decent time to be caught and said "pass" hehehe. Didn't help that they all thought they were getting grass and Mac and Roger were hot on my heels which means Smokey gets out the way!

So caught him, plaited his beautiful long mane into a hunters plait and loaded him on the float. He traveled like a pro, and exited the float perfectly. At the bottom of the ramp he looked around and grew a full hand hehehe. Shame it didn't last, he settled within 30 seconds and shrunk back down to pony size hehehe.

Bridle on, and off to the ring!

What a star, there was no pressure (except to get him to trot on lead, we don't do that too much and it tended to be a bit of a pony club hauling on him to get him going) so we both just had fun watching the horses (and him eating, cause lets face it he missed breakfast at home LOL)

So we were in 5 classes and came home with 3 ribbons :) His attitude was fantastic, but the judge coming at him with a flapping ribbon was a bit beyond him so mum had to put his ribbons on him. A 2nd and a Reserve Champion (lets be fair, there were only 2 of us in those classes!) and a ribbon he earned, 1st in mount suited for pony club out of 4 or 5 :)


sola said...

hi kelly-ann i didnt see these photos b4, wow looking realy good, and happy, cant wait 2 see some ridden shows oooo exciting!

KA said...

hey Aunty! Got to get through winter first! and will get dentist to see if he can age him a bit better so I know if he'll be 4 on "1st August" or not for taking him out. But if 2 when mustered in May, he'll have been officially 3 in August 08, which means 4 in 4 months! That doesn't sound so far away actually does it!!! crikey!