Friday, March 6, 2009

and ridden today...

he took it like a man ;)

We did about 5 mins of walking around (on lead and having to teach Pete how to walk fast because Smokey sure likes to LOL) steering checked, halts and walk on checked. Then finished and back for photo's where Pete got all nervous about having to take the lead rope off to go back far enough to take the photos LOL. Not all his fault, I guess I have had some problem times with horses in the past to make him nervous hehehe. But Smokey is not now known as the Little Dude for nothing. He wasn't phased by anything! Then filed his feet and a feed and put him away.

An hour later I look out the window and thought I killed him!!!!!!

But no! He was just DEAD asleep!!!! Eyes shut, out to it hehehe, must have mentally exhausted him, poor baby!

He opened his eyes, blinked a hundred times and decided he'd better get up!

Then it must be cuddle and play time LOL...

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