Friday, March 6, 2009

Backed for a 2nd time....

Yep, I swung the leg over on Smokey yesterday, rain has disappeared for the day so will do it again today too, see if he's ready for a walk around (right and why wouldn't he be?!!) and then rides on Sat and Sunday and we're off!

I got Klaus Hempflings book Dancing with Horses, really good book, he's using the precise body language to get the results but if you read more of what he's saying, he's actually using the body language to focus HIMSELF and he talks of meditating with your horse, concentration and being aware of yourself and cutting the idle crap out of our body language by BECOMING AWARE OF WHAT WE DO.... I say become aware of what we think and cut the idle crap out of our heads and thoughts but it's exactly the same thing! By being very aware of what we're doing body wise we are THINKING only of what we are DOING to get a very specific DESIRED OUTCOME..... so if we did the same thing WITHOUT the body language part it should work the same way.... my experiment will be to see if it does! And I'm NOT a disciplined thinker so I'm going to have to get my A into G with this, but I want to prove what he's doing is communicating via thoughts and all he's done is put a physical movement with it (which in reality should be extraneous!)

Well, I'll either be right or wrong LOL, we'll see as we go :)

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Jessie Montgomery said...

Oh exciting! Another Klaus reader! Neighbor and I have been reading his book and getting his dvds - I did some free lunging with horse using his methods and it was amazing. Horse jumped the jump I had in the arena twice without any gear, ropes -anything at all on her. Was a very nice bonding session so to speak!