Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh, did I forget to mention....

I managed to traumatise Mac on Tuesday at our lesson?

Was trying to explain to the coach how he jams up thru the shoulder/neck and head/jaw and locks onto my right hand, avoiding contact on the left rein blah blah blah.... I was managing to confuse her so I said "it's been 5 yrs, YOU get on him!" Well she'd just ridden so was sitting there with helmet, boots etc and said "OK!"

The instant she went to the saddle Mac panicked, not externally at that stage, but head went up, eye rolled back and fear was there. Needless to say she couldn't even get her foot in the stirrup he was doing his old trick of spinning his ass away from her, yep, even with me holding his head....

So she walks back to her seat, I jump on back on and we take up where we left off as if nothing had happened in between LOL. Poor silly old boy! Coach said, "well you won't be able to sell him will you." Nope! But had never planned on selling him either ;)

My dear sweet abused boy with a memory like an elephant, the love of my life and my best mate.

We may try again when her attitude is softer, for Mac's sake.... I know the attitude he picked up off her because he fired it at me magnified!!!! It was an "I'll show you" attitude but directed to ME not Mac, so quite focused almost forceful I guess is a good word. They are great mirrors! LOL

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