Sunday, February 15, 2009

Finally got my courage up LOL

and long reined Smokey today. Pete was dragged out to get Smokey used to him (and having 2 people doing things with him for the farrier, dentist etc) so he held Smokey while he had a brush and gave him some little bits of bread, then I put the saddle cloth on Smokey and got Pete to walk him around till it slid off, did that 3 times before he ignored the saddle cloth sliding off and would cling to Pete when I'd try to put it back on again LOL.

Saddled him up, bridle on, long reins on and off we went. Got Pete to walk beside him for a little bit (he'll be my walker when I first hop on Smokey again you see so I need him to be comfortable with Pete.) Then Pete peeled off to man the camera and I battled on with the hungry boy myself.... We'll have to figure out how to stop him ducking down for grass the rat bag! Might have to resort to the reins hooked onto the bit!

Only did a couple of mins, he couldn't have cared less, took him thru 2 barrels set up, he got right between them and stuck his head down to snatch grass the cheeky whipper snapper! (yes, I admit they hadn't had their morning grass so were hungry but still!)

Finished off with a quick feet file (which he was NOT impressed about because he wanted his feed, so I went extra slow hehehe) and then Pete popped him into the back yard with the other boys who were already eating (I'd already ridden Mac.)

I was hoping he hadn't forgotten anything and he hasn't which is great because altho he's such a dude, I'm still nervous about getting on him again for the first time! But all these little things he just cruises with are making me feel better LOL.

Oh and I measured knee to coronet and it is 14.5 inches, so he SHOULD end up 14.2hh!!!! YAY a full sized pony!!!

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