Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I have an excuse OK?! He's young!!!

Even Smokey is telling me off for mucking around! Today before Pete had to run off to martial arts class I asked him to come out and hold Smokey again while I was on the mounting block (read log of wood that's survived being split for firewood!) and did the baby steps, lying across the saddle thing... so for not having done anything for a week, saddle on bridle on (2 steps backwards but 2nd time chucked his head down as if to say "yeah yeah I know, I'm a dork") Pete led him to the "mounting block" I set it up in the right place and climbed up. Took the reins up and leaned across the saddle. Not full weight, and Smokey's head popped up a bit! aaaaah that's OK, just bracing for the weight, no worries ;) Hopped off, and this time full weight on the saddle leaning over him. Not a care in the world, another time and then foot in the stirrup and up and leaning over the saddle. Did that 3 times too. Said "ooooh baby I could swing on right now couldn't I!?!" to which Pete replied "no you can't I have to go" (who's the handbrake?!)

So having finished that part I got off him and honestly the disappointment was a physical thing LOL, so thought I'd better longrein him while I was there. Up the paddock, no grass grabbed (and it's getting longer again with all this rain!) little trot up the paddock, around we went and 2 big trots back down again. Pete had come out to say goodbye to Marcus so we trotted up to him, Smokey had a sniff and then decided that funny man in a chinese coat can't be the same one who was just holding him hehehe, and has I was saying good bye he took the opportunity to snatch a mouthful of grass, but hey fairs fair the opportunity was there LOL

So very very proud of my wee man and even when I think to myself, I could be on and riding him because he's so cruisey I remind myself he's not even 3 yet and I want him to last a lifetime, there is NO rush, he's forgotten nothing, an extra week or month or more wouldn't hurt anything but some enthusiasm hehehe. First weekend in March!!!! Riding time :)

Can't wait, I'm soooooooo ready, and so is he and the fact he WANTS to be ridden is a big buzz too :)

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