Friday, February 6, 2009

Say hello to the float Smokey!

Well another saddle on session before he left the backyard again today. Popped it on and took him over to the float to take it off and put it in there with Mac's one. (About time he started getting used to having things done with him at the float.) Took it off and popped it in there, decided while it was still hooked up to the truck might as well see if I could get him on... Had some scraps of bread in a plastic bag (yes, he knows what a plastic bag means LOL) he got his 2 front feet on the ramp a couple of times but not interested in coming right on. Explained to him of course what floats mean for him in the future but he just had a worried little look in his eye.

So with his 2 feet on the ramp I went under the bar and got Mac's empty feed bowl out of the front under the saddles. Now THAT made his little eyes light up! Tipped the bread scraps out of the plastic and into the feedbowl and THEN it was worthwhile coming right on for LOL. Don't really want to make a feedbowl a habit but have to actually get him on a couple of times first so he knows what is expected, so we'll wean him back to just his treats without the need of the bowl itself.

So happy with that! Saddle and float in one day, and later he needs his feet looked at again so he deserves his proper feed ;)

And for his nighttime session just done, he was caught with another halter PROPERLY (as in his nose thru it first, then flick it over his neck) AND this was also the 2nd time today since I did it properly this morning too LOL. Feet filed, and feed bowl waiting in the float for him.

He did not hesitate!!!!! He just waltzed completely onto the float behind me.... had some of his feed, was stopped from eating and asked to back off where he was allowed to finish his feed out of the float. Feedbowl left out there and asked to come onto the float again. AGAIN, no hesitation, just followed me straight on. Granted Mac's empty bowl was still sitting up the front of the float from this morning and granted it did have a couple of bits of bread sitting in it, but still, I was expecting (naughty to expect negatives!) that it would take longer than one session for him to wander in and out without a hitch!

Lets see how he goes next time with no feedbowl ;)

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