Thursday, February 5, 2009

so.... work wise

have been working on doing health checks in a slightly different way, Amelia Kinkade had gone through a way of actually going inside the animals body to check different things (I always wondered how you got to "see out their eyes" to do eye checks etc) it is different to seeing what they see ie lost animals, (haven't been working on that LOL.) So yes, it seems to be giving good results but takes a LOT longer to do going right through the whole body! Is nice for specific things wanting to be checked or double checked as I guess it's actually aiming more at diagnosing things a bit more.

On the home critters front all animals are good! Smokey just had his new saddle fitted on him today in the backyard. He's had 5 or so days off having anything done, and just grabbed him out of the backyard where they were eating, showed him the saddle on the gate. Convinced him it wasn't going to launch itself at him. Then convinced his the saddle cloth in my hand wasn't going to chew hunks out of him as well and popped that on him. Once that was on him (like when we were doing our games with the sack) he chilled and said "righto" and then the saddle went on without a movement. Girth done up, no notice taken at all, then took him for a walk under the house (his 2nd time in there) so he could have a look around. Supposed to be stables in there (but I don't stable so why bother finishing them?!) But I may just invest in some 4"x2" wood and section one off as an indoor pen, will come in handy and might as well get the wee one used to being in there now so we can gear up out of the rain and wind etc if needed.

He's used to the covered pen from Pepe's place in Auckland so he looked rather bored under the house LOL.

Mac had his first taste of spurs on Tuesday at our lesson. He's working well and we have dressage on the 22nd February where we'll do another Elementary test and help boost the entry numbers!

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