Tuesday, September 1, 2015

2015 is a busy year!

Hi all, going back to work full time since I picked up a mortgage again, has meant that I sort of forgot I had a blog!

Still, better to read nothing than read rubbish right?!

A quick update on fur kids.  A year ago I got the chance to rehome a gorgeous black great dane called Vada, he was 2yrs old then and 3 now.  Oh my, what a beautiful soul, love him to bits and then some, oops and as I look at him on this cold and wet first day of spring he is shivering, so excuse me while I put his jacket on for him :D

And a couple of weeks before Vada arrived I got my little piglet Barney, who is now 1yr old and a lot bigger!  I must get some more photos of the big boy!  He enjoys showing how gentle he is by taking my finger in his mouth (and NOT biting it LOL) but we do not try that when food is around, that would just be dumb!!!!  Greedy big boy he is!

Still 3 goats and I think I introduced the cats at some point?  Cassidy was found at 3am over grape harvest when he was a literal cats eye in the middle of the road at about 4 weeks of age and I missed him by an inch in a fully laden 10 ton truck, he had an army of guardians with him that night!  And Tom is the pitch black kitten that Marcus wanted all of his own and he is now 2 1/2 yrs.

Leo is still my little fluffy shadow and loving having another dog to play with again. 

Horses are doing well, poor old Mac hasn't been ridden for about 3 yrs now but man I've been having a ton of fun with Smokey!!!  Trail rides, Endurance, Jumping and yes, altho we may be condemned for it, we even went hunting over winter which Smokey was thrilled to bits with, he loved it and moaned when the hunt season finished last month. 

Marcus is doing really well at school this year, after a REALLY bad year last year (a change of schools) has played rugby for the first time this year AND did a lead rein 5km trail ride on Smokey AND had a lesson on him last weekend when he said he wanted to ride him.  First time he has shown as interest in getting on a horse and he's a natural!!!!   Might be bringing Mac into work again if the boy keeps trying to claim my pony as his!!!!

Did a horse birthday promotion which has resulted me in STILL trying to get consults done from that, "happy birthday" to a lot of horses, so fantastic they get a chance to be heard!

Right let me go and find some photos of the new kids and show off my little wild pony Smokey!