Friday, September 24, 2010

Pet and Animal Expo and the Flu!

crikey, without having gone to the Dr to get it confirmed I'm 99.9% positive the child and I ended up with Swine Flu and it sat me on my butt for about 2 weeks!!!

Actually I don't ever recall having a flu quite like that one even as a kid! But it has finally passed and the cough that preceded it is pretty much gone too (who would get the "100 day cough" and swine flu together?! Well, we don't do things by halves around here LOL)

So Marcus and I got up to Auckland where my mum looked after us and I had nana naps every day, and loved the fact I didn't have to go out and feed animals twice a day! Pet Expo rolled around on the weekend and I was actually feeling quite a bit better on the Saturday, although that damn cough was still doubling me over and my ribs are still buggered from all of that.

Expo from a stand holders perspective was good! A lot of people and a lot of people stopping to talk with us :o) A few comments about not enough freebies to be found (really the only freebies were from the feed people, not a lot of other stands had freebies they could offer!) something to consider for next year though, maybe some free little magnets or something! The Himalayan Crystal Salt sold really well as did Jeanne's Bach Flower Remedies.

Had a play with some rats there from the Ratty Club (quite like those intelligent little critters!)

Was nice to see the Ultra K9 dog food represented there (I'm the Marlborough distributor for that, good food!) and lovely to see Mirijana there with all the Bioptrons. Such a lovely helpful lady who sat me down and turned 3 bioptrons on me as I stopped to say hi, it was bliss :o)

So a good weekend was had but it was lovely to get home again too. Mac SCREAMED his welcome home to me and continued screaming until I went down there and gave him more grass to shut him up LOL.

Smokey has dressage this weekend after 2 weeks off, lucky he's such a good boy huh?!

Here are a couple of photos of the stand at the Expo...