Monday, June 30, 2008

101 yr old American Cowgirl

WOW! What a lady, check this out... Connie Reeves 101 yrs old and still riding!

After seeing that and talking to others about her as to how old she'd be and whether she'd still be alive today (107 in a couple of months!) I searched and found she died one month off being 102 after a fall from her 28 yr old horse... here is the reporting article...

What an inspiration, what a great attitude, "Always saddle your own horse" and "nothings as expressive as profanity." Loved it!

What a life you lived Connie and still touching others!


we all know it as coincidence right? "Wow, that's a freaky coincidence" or "That's MORE than just coincidence!"

So this has been a bit of a learning curve for me, although I'm open-minded, if I don't consider something as a possible answer when talking to an animal I tend to have my mind closed to it and just don't "hear" it... thankfully this synchronicity thing tends to open my mind at the right time!

Have you ever read about something in a book, and not too long afterwards it, or something similar happens to you and you think "gosh I just read about that, what a coincidence!" Well it's been happening as I talk to the animals. Lucky for me I must say!

So a couple of examples? A friend had sent me her copy of Marta Williams "Learning Their Language" (a FANTASTIC book on how to do communication) and in there somewhere was a story about a pig who was a shocker to do something with unless they gave him some beer, and he had basically set up the meeting between Marta and his owner by his behaviour.... well along came a psycho cat who's mum bore the scars of his viciousness and when I spoke to him he basically claimed the same thing! When I went to Auckland next I met up with his mum (and him of course) and now his mum Jeanne is a fantastic healer we've dragged into our little group and it's like she's never been away from us!

Next was talking to a lady and her horses and after getting the info for her she was talking about an energy healer (who also communicates) who had told her the pony didn't like going somewhere in particular because of the ghost horse there... well I must admit I rolled my eyes!!! I thought what an easy cop out, can't "disprove" that can you?! Well when less than 6 mths later I had the opportunity to talk to a VERY sensitive young Kaimanawa horse who had bad freak out events, in the paddock for no reason, playing up with the farrier etc etc... imagine how I blushed when I thought of how I'd rolled my eyes when I heard about the ghost horse, when this Kai presents a dog chasing it! Well I know there was no dog around because mum had never seen one there, so link with the dog and hey presto I do believe it was shot for stock worrying and was pretty anti because of it! Taught horse the truth about ghosts, mellowed the dog out and reminded it of it's options and last I heard said horse was seen lying down in the paddock the next day something it never does!

So all these things (and others!) tend to come to my awareness not long before I need the knowledge so to speak. Have since had a horse see a band of ghost horses, stallion and mares... I know! Picture typing all that out thinking "they're going to call the men in white coats now!" As easy as it would be to make something up that was more 'acceptable' that's not what I'm paid for, nor could I do it in good consciounce! The animals deserve to be heard, unedited, their humans have given me questions they want answered and the animals respect them enough to give them some answers, even if they're not what we'd expect!

So for me, I thank synchronicity for each time, opening my mind a little bit more to all the wonderful possibilities out there, and hopefully there will come a time I won't need anything else to open it any further, hopefully one day it'll be fully expanded!

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Good Morning Show!!!

eek! On Friday the 15th of August I'll be filming for the Animal Corner segment of the Good Morning Show! What a fantastic opportunity to educate some people of how this works and of how much animals understand! WOW!

Have no idea when it'll air as thankfully it's NOT being done live but when I find out I'll let everyone know!

Heck I hope they know what it is they want to know or I'll have no idea where to start LOL.

Well that's it, just a short update, have work waiting for me!

Have had a couple of interesting ones, I'll get back to you shortly with some of that, in the middle of what I think will be another 'interesting' one at the moment!

Talk soon

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Clear Skies at night...

Mean it's gonna be a frost, but by god, those stars are GORGEOUS! We have such a wide expanse of sky visable and no city lights to dull them, it's worth numb fingers to stand outside and just look at them!

Had such a lovely bath last night using some of the Himalayan Crystal Salt and yes, I must confess, it's the first one I've had, but it certainly won't be the last, crikey it was energising and felt good!

Leo is growing! Other dogs are great, horses had their shoes taken off last week and Mac was foot sore for a week! Had to miss a lesson but he's hardened up hehehe.

Boy child is a horror getting up early in the morning *sigh* since he's out of his cot he can just get up in the mornings and is right now NOT sleeping when he should be, makes for a very long tiring day!

Had a great Queens Birthday weekend in Christchurch and met a couple of ladies interested in doing communication, nice to be able to talk to like minded people about things that interest you right?! One of them will attest to how manipulated we can be by them without even realising! hehehe and they both have some seriously lovely horses!

A mate has finally given the Himalayan Crystal Salt a serious try for her arthritis (hands and knees) and after just one week has said she can now stretch her legs properly first thing in the morning, so that's good to hear! Love the feedback since I don't have any arthritis or skin problems to see how it goes! Must admit I'm seriously addicted to the taste of the stuff now though!!! YUM!

AND it is now being stocked at Rangiora Saddlery in Christchurch, (thanks Danny!) along with some of the horse magnets I got made up.

So that's my news, child still isn't asleep so I doubt I'll get any work done until he's in bed tonight :(

Don't forget, any stories you'd like to share, or questions you have, you are welcome to post them up!