Sunday, September 11, 2011

Spring already!

Wow this year is flying by! Sad to say my nightshift musings are coming to an end (altho they've been sadly lacking of late anyway!) Unfortunately since the beginning of the year my sleeping patterns altered from a sleep anywhere and for a looooooong time to just can't sleep! This has been steadily getting worse and altho I thought I was coping "OK" with being tired thru the week I obviously wasn't, the stress built up internally till my heart started playing up merry hell and I started having mini meltdowns and of course in the midst of all this I'm telling myself "I can't sleep!!!!" so it's been compounding and a vicious circle. Bruce put his foot down the other day after I confessed at the dinner table just exactly how bad the stress was and said the night shifts had to go.... only a compounding issue, not the cause but it's bad enough I actually agreed with him, so this is my last night shift! I also chucked in collecting eggs at the free range farm about 3-4 weeks ago now (can't believe I did that for 2 yrs!) so my weekends will be my own again!!! And it shouldn't take me till Friday each week to try to repay at least part of the sleep debt so I'll have more energy for the communication work that is picking back up again :o)

Auckland was quiet at the expo for me, but it was lovely as usual to catch up with friends and family and just talk to like minded people at the expo. Had a couple of enquiries at the expo about doing workshops, so I might look at putting one or two together, if anyone is interested in details or attendance etc feel free to email me or connect here or on FaceBook etc.

And with the weekends free and energy to spare I'll be back on those horses again! Smokey and Mac have only been ridden once or twice since about February and I must confess Mac was a perfect angel to get on after that length of time off! A pleasant surprise, so we may actually get back to some animal updates too!

Of course I haven't stopped musing some things (and have beaten myself up just lately for having done all this musing to still let this lack of sleep thing affect me like it has, I should know better!) and along the lines of the last post about how can God be the Song if we are not the Singer... I just had a thought a day or two ago, that it is thru us and our beliefs and fears that God the Infinite can actually experience what it is to be 'finite' or have an end... even if it's not true, if an atheist, for example, believes that death is the complete end and nothing exists afterwards, then it is thru that belief, those thoughts, the possible fears, and the visualisation of the nothing afterwards that 'God' can get an inkling of what is may be to cease to be... Just a pondering :o)

So that's my quick catch up, enjoy your spring for those of you on this side of the world, I guess the leaves are turning and looking fantastic for those of you who are approaching hibernation time too :o)

Enjoy the world of colours and change!