Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Introducing Kaimanawa Disciple aka Smokey

Here is my wee baby Smokey! He made his first public debut at the Kaimanawa Family Fun Day in Auckland on Sunday the 14th. Apparently apart from not wanting to go home, he was a wee star and didn't set a foot wrong all day!

Smokey is 2-3yrs old (probably closer to 2 than 3) Kaimanawa gelding from this years muster in May.

He was an 'extra' that the Kaimanawa Wild Horse Welfare Trust were able to keep and then offer to their members.

I put in an application for him, supplied my referee's, had a home visit and they chose me for Smokey!!!! YIPPEEEE!!!

So while he is already undergoing his education in Auckland with Pepe at Ewen Equine Management it was decided to continue him on there and get him started under saddle before he made the big trip south.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


The horses are in full moult, the grass is springing up (and the weeds too *sigh*) and Spring is definitely here!

The Good Morning Show are happy with how things went and impressed with the feedback they've received and would now like me to do some more segments for them. Lets hope we can get some good nitty gritty questions instead of mainly training issues for some others!

And on an expanding family theme, I'm Pregnant Again!!!! NOT!!! But I do have another addition for the family! Smokey a grey Kaimanawa gelding. 2-3 yrs, just undergoing his education in Auckland at the moment. He made his debut in public at the Kaimanawa Family Fun Day on Sunday just gone and was a star!!!

I'll be flying up to see him first weekend in October and he should then be coming home a week or so later, so exciting! He's a beautiful wee man, a stunning face and an eye like my Mac, sensitive and intelligent :)

So watch this space for his story as we get it...

Mac is gearing up for some more dressage next weekend. He's also being a case study for a friend learning Bowen, and I've become a case study for my old midwife (met when we were in dog club together) as she's learning Zen Shiatsu... we're both Guinea Pigs! eek!

So I'll dig up some photos so far of Smokey and I'm happy to report no more biting from Mac when I've talked to him about him! LOL

Monday, September 8, 2008

Good Morning Show Wednesday 10th September

yep thats right, it's nearly here! Just had the time confirmed, I should be on at 11.15am, my TV debut! But a saw a snip of it my friend Lisa tried to video off the TV she was watching it on at the studio while it was being filmed, I look OLD!!!! *sob*

Ah well at least it didn't seem to add 10kgs or anything!

It can be watched on line at http://www.tvnz.co.nz/ (TV1) live streaming but won't be available "on demand" after it's aired.