Saturday, September 20, 2008

Introducing Kaimanawa Disciple aka Smokey

Here is my wee baby Smokey! He made his first public debut at the Kaimanawa Family Fun Day in Auckland on Sunday the 14th. Apparently apart from not wanting to go home, he was a wee star and didn't set a foot wrong all day!

Smokey is 2-3yrs old (probably closer to 2 than 3) Kaimanawa gelding from this years muster in May.

He was an 'extra' that the Kaimanawa Wild Horse Welfare Trust were able to keep and then offer to their members.

I put in an application for him, supplied my referee's, had a home visit and they chose me for Smokey!!!! YIPPEEEE!!!

So while he is already undergoing his education in Auckland with Pepe at Ewen Equine Management it was decided to continue him on there and get him started under saddle before he made the big trip south.


Anonymous said...

I love him! I hope you two have a grand life together!

KA said...

Thank you! He'll be my first horse I've gotten since I've been doing the communication so looking forward to putting all I know into working along side him and get that bond cranking from day 1 :)