Thursday, January 29, 2009

how's this for grass?!

Welcome to my back yard LOL. Just been reading on a horse board how Canterbury is in the grips of a drought (and considering the time of year it is, we are NOT!)

So this is my back yard that the boys come into for 2 hours a day. (They're in the unused yards at the boundary fence to the neighbours place.) Smokey only had to be threatened TWICE with "If you don't let me catch you to put you back you will stay in the paddock from now on and miss out!" It also helps that he doesn't drink out of the dogs trough so is hanging out for a drink after 2 hours of shoulder height grass hehehe.

You know what? I think it's almost time to lose his halter! He's being an absolute GEM to catch now, he really is just learning what is acceptable from just being in with Mac and Rog. Will start catching him with a halter to put over his halter before I take his existing one off of course! Me not silly!

And this is them out strip grazing the big paddock, Smokey is attached to Roger's bum most of the time LOL. So very cute. And last but not least, a beautiful summer's evening here in paradise... :)

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