Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Leo the Lion...

...is a tad sore today! Had his visit to the vet and exited 2 stone lighter LOL. On a plus side he bounced back from the anesthetic really quickly so was able to bring him home with us again at lunchtime after my lesson with Mac.

Just emptied the truck out and thus able to empty the camera and here are a couple of the seals at Kaikoura. No face on shot up close of Daniela till she's said if I'm allowed or not tho :)

See the seal to Daniela's right in the grass at the base of the rock??? Sleeping upside down LOL. It was the one both of us happened to ask why they were all in on the rocks.

And the one alert boy down below was actually one of about 10 seals on those rocks! Well camouflaged aren't they!

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