Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Boys are Learning to Share Now.....

We shot down to Christchurch for a couple of days and the morning we were about to head home, I get a text from my friend Lisa who was babysitting the critters for us saying Smokey had just jumped the tape.

Of course he wasn't going to let anyone catch him till his belly was full so I told her to go on home, we'd be there later and I'd sort him out.

I got home and let the dogs out for a run, grabbed lead rope and had bag full of carrots and tops in tow (thanks to my Father In Law!) and although Smokey accepted one carrot he wasn't going to let me catch him! He went to play tag with the dogs and I went on up to see Mac and Roger and give them some more grass. Smokey followed me up there and watched as Mac and Rog started scoffing into carrots! THAT motivated him to be caught that's for sure LOL. Caught him and he wanted to go in with the boys, so shifted the tape and then popped him in there with them.

A few games going on in there today, Smokey trying to boss Rog around, until it comes to food at which point Rog will stand up for himself. But best is that Smokey is really relaxed in there (it's a big area) with me and will follow me around while I pick up the poo and I swear he's letting me scratch him in there all the time to rub Mac's nose in it, Mac knows better and isn't really worried by it at all tho, so that's not working!

Had a lovely ride on Mac this morning, then dragged Smokey out for some lunging work, he's not that nice on circles in the big wide open, will have to educate him! But on the plus side he couldn't care less the bay of the implement shed he gets tied at is now FULL of hay and covered with a big blue tarp.

So all is good with the boys.

PeeWee's eye is still a bit cloudy which means inflamed, I think she's upstairs in our room now, will have to bioptron her again and see if we can get that down.

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