Monday, January 26, 2009

Big Day Out is always in January isn't it?

Well it was for Smokey yesterday LOL. Bridle on without any real hassles (just a token 2 steps backwards that I'll now put his bum to something solid so he can't hehehe) then took him straight out the gate for a walk down the dead end road.

The neighbours behind us had visitors and as we start walking towards their place they come out the driveway and towards us. A group of 7 people. Now Smokey isn't scared of "things" but people are not so trusted, so when they were only a couple of meters away from us we just stopped to let them go past except they all stopped too! Two young girls in the group are oohing and aaahing and ask if they can pat him, I said "sure". Rather than just put a hand out for him of course one went straight for his nose so he dived back a step and hid behind me. I brought him forward, told the girl to just hold her hand out for him and he turned his head and looked at me, checking if it was all OK. Very cute. That is what he did when I first went to see him.... that was the way he looked at Sola to see if "I" was all OK!

So he sniffed her hand and everyone admired him for a minute and then off we all went. Decided to continue down to see the Alpacas at the end of the road, and those people were entertaining on their verandah. So Smokey say's "hell, I ain't going near those aliens!" and does a zoom off to the end of the lead rope (actually when the calves behind him gave him a fright LOL). He came back up and came right up to the fence looking all of the 15hh Simone thought he was hehehe. A nosey wee alpaca (the smallest and most inquisitive one there) came right up to the fence where they sniffed at each other (with a gap of about 10 inches between them) until I gave the alpaca a fright by reaching out for it!

It zoomed off, but mum (2 legged one) came over to say hi. Smokey sniffed her, she offered him her hair, he nuzzles that, sniffed her some more, nuzzled some more, got admired lots and 15 mins later we decided it might be home time. :)

So an eventful outing for the wee man and he did very well with it all. Very proud of my wee boy.

Then his feed with day 4 of the Panacur in it (and happy to say at day 4 no worms left to see in his poo!)

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