Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Smokey back in the Limelight

Gosh, he's sweet, nervous, and funny all at once LOL.

He hasn't had his bridle on for a week or so so figured it was time again! Lunged him 2 days ago (wasn't that great, but that's me figuring out my body language for him too!) so it was bridle on and then lunging today.

Got hubby to snap some photo's of him before he left for his martial arts training (3rd degree in Chans Martial Arts and runs the Blenheim and Nelson Branches, isn't he good?!)

and then while Smokey was eating his dinner afterwards he spat out a tooth!!!! What a lovely pressy! My first baby horse tooth!!!!

Then I put him back in the paddock with a piece of carrot, Roger was hopeful he was going to get another bit so headed over, and while I gave him a hug (to show Smokey what life is all about) Smokey shunted into my back LOL. Then I went to give Mac a cuddle and he said "bugger off, you didn't take ME out!" and walked off and Smokey shoved in again instead, and when Mac saw this and put his ears back at Smokey, Smokey put his ears back and lunged at Mac!!!! Cocky boy when he thinks mum is his huh?! So I had to growl at Smokey! and give Mac a cuddle and remind him he is my big beautiful love of my life!

Oh the joys of jealous horses, all so cute and sweet and a boost to the ol' ego!

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