Monday, January 19, 2009

My Critters Spill Their Guts!

hehehe Daniela had a field day practicing on all the dogs and a couple of little snippets from Smokey while I was playing with him. Talked to one of the goldfish and without seeing him as a fish out of water, she got him "stuck" and then saved (yes he jumped out of the bowl they were in and was found on the floor still and not breathing, did I tell that story already?)

She then spoke to Mac while we were driving to Kaikoura this morning and got all the juicy stuff on him too, including wire and choking being involved in his breaking in (did I tell you he has issues?!)

Daniela is lovely and great with what she's doing will be a credit to Rome when she starts doing this all officially (although with the Catholic hub being Rome she is running into a bit of a closed mindset about animal communication there!)

Fantastic lady I'll be trying hard to keep in touch with and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for practicing on my guys and passing on all she got from them. I now have to buy Dozer a red cushion hehehe. We got all the dogs down to the river too, which was LOOOONG overdue and loved by all of them...

We stopped and saw some seals on the way to Kaikoura, both of us after 5 mins said "too rough today huh?" LOL, maybe even seals get seasick in rough water!

After lunch and some last minute yacking Marcus and I returned to Blenheim and left Daniela in Kaikoura to finish her holiday...

Safe travels my friend :)

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