Wednesday, January 7, 2009

and because Smokey's been hogging the Limelight

here are some more recent pics of the puppies! (minus PeeWee who stays downstairs a lot LOL)

My old man Zak who is nearly 12 and still the fastest dog on the property (altho Leo is catching him up in speed!) My growlie boy who hates other dogs touching him but always does the decent thing and warns before he snaps (even to Marcus who has learnt to listen to the warnings LOL) however he does LOVE cuddles with people :)

Cheeky little upstart Leo, who has bossiness and dominance issues and is approx 12 months old. He'll be going to see the vet soon and coming out 2 stone lighter, as soon as I remember to ring and make an appointment!

and my big boy Dozer snuggling with Miss Snuggly Butt Karma, my 2 sweeties. Dozer was 4 in December (24th) and Karma is 6 1/2.

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