Friday, January 23, 2009

Summer Evenings are the BEST!

Had a lovely ride on Mac last night. 8.30pm before we got on, got off at 9pm, both of us still sweating like pigs but not cooked at the same time!

Had done Smokey earlier, over the tarp, beat him up with the sack, bridled and then took him down our dead end road for a walk and back.

Decided after what Danielle had told me Mac had said (a message of what he wants me to do in the future and I have NO IDEA where to start!) that I'd start from scratch with him too, re-do all the basics someone screwed up with him while breaking him in.... so over the tarp, showed him the sack and went to rub his neck with it.... uh oh! Mac doesn't like the sack (and who can blame him?!) When made to stand still for it he went straight into frozen with fear. Head up, eyes wild and rolled back and outright fear in his eye.... So we did some acknowledge and release stuff with him, linked in with pure love and just kept rubbing his neck, took a couple of minutes but eventually he softened and then tried to eat LOL. After he tried to eat we were OK, going from rubbing to flapping it over him. Then had a lovely ride with some nice work and all 3 boys got wormed (in their feed, no complaints this time round!)

Leo is healing well, complaining bitterly at being left in the backyard while the others go out into the paddock... PeeWee's broken nail hasn't come right off yet so she's still hopping around and on backyard rest too. The rest are all good :)

Pete said yesterday that where he was working (a couple of kms down the road) the lady had put the thermometer out in the sun where he was working and it recorded 47 degrees. No wonder the grass is starting to dry off!

My birthday tomorrow!!!! Absolutely NO birthday wishes accepted unless they're accompanied by a present!!! hehehe, guess I won't be getting many birthday wishes ;)

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