Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What a dude...

No halter on and caught this morning after him having a wee "eek" moment at the halter trying to bite his nose! He needed to watch Roger having his on before he pushed back in and said "OK, I remember, do me!"

So after a couple of hours munching out in the backyard (and obviously thirsty since he pushed in to be first OUT of the backyard too!) we went over to the float and no hesitation, straight on! No treats in hand but there was some bread in a plastic bag in Mac's empty feedbowl still in the front of the float. He had some bread, put the bag down and backed him off. Then on again in more of a self loading encouragement position (more beside him up the other side of the float) and again no hesitation, straight on, demanded bread, and more bread thank you! and then off again.

Have finally bought my 2nd lunge line for our long reining so that's next on the agenda and then on him again! All very exciting! Now to FORCE hubby to get involved and come out and hold him and pat him and feed him titbits since he's going to be the one beside us when I get on!

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