Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I still haven't broken him!

In fact he's going REALLY well! No movement with the saddle, no movement with the bridle a beautiful calm long reining session up to the top of the paddock and back with a little trot in there... Only brat moment was him tied to the float (getting him used to that!) and I needed to wet down his feed, the float rocked, the twine stretched, hubby got called out to supervise him since I was NOT going to allow him to dictate him moving, wet down the feed and watched him get so frustrated with not being able to eat it fast enough he was stamping the ground and very angry with his feed LOL. I think he'll get into the groove of being worked little and often just so he can have feeds all the time!

Very happy with him, very proud of him :)

On a sadder note I must say I'm absolutely DISGUSTED with the deceit out there in the horsey "business" world. When you pay for advertising and it's not delivered and LIED about and claimed ads were run and FOUR months later another lie is told and it comes out 2 ads were NOT run? Well what would YOU do? I want my money back! So far it's been 2 part payments and still not the complete amount... Lies and deceit to keep your money???? Hell anyone would know that's fraud! Don't have to be an ex cop to figure that one! Well they have one last chance to correct the matter or I'll be going to to the Police with all the emails showing ALL the lies and the letter now received stating the opposite to those lies (which beautifully PROVES the lies!) I mean to say.... how dumb is that?!

You run a business???? Be professional! Good lord, I have to be, why would a magazine think they don't have to be?! Unbelievable!

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