Monday, February 23, 2009

Last of the Summer Whine

LOL. Had our last summer dressage yesterday. Mac put out some very nice work but once in the arena we got some of our usual tension. A cross between me focusing more on the test than him and not being able to repeat a movement until we are rid of the tension which means of course we go into the next movement still carrying some tension which makes more tension in the new movement etc etc etc... Still we got a 2nd in our 2nd ever level 3 test and 4th in one of the level 2 tests and like I said some nice work in there so he got his oddfellows :)

Speaking of oddfellows, Smokey had his first one a couple of days back, he made it to me first but Mac was hot on his heels so he grabbed what was offered on my hand and kept walking 2 steps out of Mac's way, crunching as he went... it was that simple LOL.

Was also reassessing the dogs nutritional requirements, as eyes and toenails and "bits" have healed up, so looking at who could get the extra's dropped again etc. Zak wants an extra fish oil, Phoenix still wants the extra fish oil and salt (but she's a big girl so it's probably not actually "extra" for her anyway. Dozer is good and we've actually dropped his stuff down and when zipping thru the bowls with the salt I get a "yes" from Leo and just as I've finished dropping some in his bowl I realise he doesn't actually NEED it, but he doesn't want to be left out, little toad!

Work is going well and I've offered 25% of Feb and March's consults to the fire relief in OZ and so far Feb has been not too bad so thank you for supporting that!

25% of MAY consults will as usual be going to the Kaimanawa Wild Horse Welfare Trust Inc to assist with costs and sponsership for the Muster usually happening in May sometime.

Of course if you have ever considered or are considering getting a Kai from the muster I thoroughly recommend it!!!! Have a look at for photo's, info, and applications!

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