Sunday, March 22, 2009

he's such a dude

grrrrr just tried to interupt a video upload and lost the whole lot!!!

I had been saying *sigh* that Smokey had had nothing done to him since our ride last Sunday, not even been caught for anything. Caught him today, jumped on him and had a lovely ride. Nice walk, good little trot, not leaving his legs behind so much, good attitude and not a stubborn "I'm stopping" halt in sight. I told him Sola would be proud of him :)

Then a lovely ride on Mac too, some NICE work coming from him these days, I love my horses so much!

Roger is enjoying being ridden by a young girl from in town.

Dogs are good, Life is good :)

Winter is on its way and STILL it's aaaaaaaall good LOL.

So now that is a shorter version than first time round, lets get the RIGHT video up this time LOL.


sola said...

hi smokey and kelly-ann, how are u both, looking very gud and happy 2 me, thank u so much 4 the hat its sooo cute!

KA said...

Hi Sola! So good to see you on line! Glad you liked the hat, I'm peeved the picture didn't come out clearer, it looked so good on the computer! I still tell him how proud you'll be of him when he does well :)