Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Phew! My Mac is Back!

Had a lesson yesterday, my coach, Diane has long been both Mac and my security blanket, someone knowledgeable who knows both Mac and my self imposed limits LOL. Hubby is as unhorsey as they come and is useless at feeding out those calm confident vibes to Mac, so yesterdays lesson was the first time I'd been on Mac since my superhero impersonation where I believe I tried to fly :o)

I really do try to set the sensitive soul up for success because he is SOOOOOOO sensitive, so it was magnesium, a couple of sessions of groundwork and the first time getting back on in a setting he knows well and is comfortable in.

Of course as I knew he would be, he was fine, so we're away laughing again :o)

"The Girls" (chooks) are still putting out an egg each per day *eek* I'm sure I'll find someone to give them away to LOL. They are great and the spookiest one of all is now settling in in grand form and reminds me so much of Mary, the most cuddley, the most trusting (and this is a chook who I really couldn't get near prior to uplifting her!)

The dogs are good, Zak my darling old boy is and always has been mum's boy, the only time you realise he may have slowed down a tad (will be 12 in March) is when you see Leaping Leo streaking past him out in the paddock.

Karma still has lameness issues, and PeeWee's keeps flaring up after a hard run around in the paddock (soft girls letting the team down!)

Dozer is, well, Dozer hehehe, the strong silent type. And Leaping Leo is well, still mad as a hatter hehehe. Such a dominant boy, who has to throw it in everyone's face to prove it all the time. One on one he's such a honey, but with any of the others around he's an attention seeking goon :o)

The goats are finally moulting the winter coat out and expanding at an alarming rate! The all look pregnant (and they're NOT!) but that's a common look for them :o)

And the horses? All good. Hay is nearly ready to cut again. Marcus is a terrible 3 yr old (man the ATTITUDE on that kid is horrendous!!! I blame the Rasmussen genes, it cannot possibly be from his mother!) and Pete is busy making me a portable chicken coop for Xmas so I can wheel the girls around the paddock and set the chicken mesh up around them and their wee coop :o)

So there we are, all updated with what's happening here for now...

Hope everyone's plans for Xmas are sorted and the shopping nearly done.

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