Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year to you all...

Full on time of year isn't it.... Christmas has zoomed on by and all of a sudden we're on the threshhold of 2010.

I mentioned it to the horses tonight after riding Smokey and while picking up poo... of course as quick as the words were coming out of my mouth I was thinking "it's just another day" and the horses serenely munched on their hay wondering what I was on about. Why is there all this hype for a New Year, the year is going to bring joys and sorrows, love and heartbreak, summer and winter, just like every other year... what you choose to do with those things will make it a "good year" or not.

Like I say to a good friend of mine, any negative can be made a positive, you may need to stand it on its head and turn it inside out but it can be done.... if you want to....

So, I hope everyone can find the silver lining to whatever 2010 throws at you! :o)

And remember it's better to aim at the moon and hit the lamp post than to aim at the lamp post and hit the gutter ;o)

Happy New Year and for 2010 make your answer to the question 'how are you?' be "Great! I woke up alive!" xxx

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