Sunday, December 6, 2009

A quick catch up as work waits...

The chooks have settled in fantastically and are just wonderful and gentle and friendly and these funny little birds I never even liked before have got a new fan in me :o) So curious!!!

Just bought a new helmet (eye is still wonky donk!) and jumped on Smokey after a month off and that long in spring grass (admittedly on rations) and he was great. Needed a wee session of ground work to alter his "I don't wanna be caught" attitude he'd developed, but as soon as he's getting regular attention again he's great.

He has his first ever lesson next week with Jody Hartstone who is visiting Blenheim so I'll let you know how it goes! Will be doing part of the lesson on ground work (Andrew McLeans methods) and part ridden.

They've all just been seen by the dentist who said Smokey is 4 and pretty much right on the button as he's about 6mths out from losing his 4 1/2yr caps. He was a very good boy :o)

Mac has been dumped onto some Alleviate for a couple of days as it's just been too wet to put a bowl of salt in the paddock for them and his attitude is softening again. I knew he was blaming me for things, but when the dentist turned up and Mac spazzed on him too and then wanted to know what I was punishing him for, I knew he wasn't in a good head space so roll out the Magnesium LOL.

Will be jumping on him end of next week and we'll be all guns blazing again :o)

Right off to talk to a horse...

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