Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Communication at its finest

and it's Marcus who is "hearing"... little blighter is always in my head!!! no sooner do I think something then he is 30 seconds later saying "I want......." I've got to stop planting seeds in his head, particularly when I'm hungry and craving junk food!

I can't believe it's Christmas time already! I've got hay cut in the paddock but not baled, we're heading off to Christchurch and the in-laws tomorrow, I'm sure I'll need another 2 bags of fruit flavoured candy canes before we go!

So although the Christmas pressure is on, most people should be enjoying a break from work at least, so from me and mine to you and yours, have a very merry Christmas, a lovely holiday break and an easy start to 2010. Stay safe, keep talking to your animals, may the Universe provide you with what you need and may you always have the knowledge that you have what you need to get through whatever it decides you need!

Merry Christmas :o)

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