Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wonky Donk Eyes

Well here we are nearly a month after departing company from my "darling" (said very tongue in cheek for the first couple of weeks!) Mac and my eyes are still wonky! A visit to the eye specialist and he doesn't know what's going on either, so he'll review the CT scan from the hospital and see him again in a couple of weeks.

Mac was blaming ME for what happened and was pretty anti me for a week or 2 after the incident, a bit less grass has helped sort that attitude out quite well, but the eyes have actually slowed me down getting back on, and I'll still need to do some ground work with the frisky boys for a few days now before getting on anyway, so should be able to book a lesson for next week and tackle those "getting back on a psycho horse" nerves then LOL. I'll know if HE is going to be fine, but falling off hurts and I don't want MORE wonky eyes so have those subtle self doubt nerves hanging around. Will ride Smokey first and that'll help :o)

So eye specialist put some drops in the jammed open pupil and hey presto it certainly can close, so now I have these photos hehehehe, too funny really!

before a visit to the eye specialist...

after a visit to the eye specialist!

The chickens (6 girls) have settled in well and a friend took 4 too, so we've managed to save 10 out of over a thousand and give them an extended life :o) The girls are lovely and producing an egg a day each quite happily (we don't eat that many eggs!) I'm sure the dogs will love one each a week to help keep the numbers to use down!

And lastly "Talk To Your Animals" now has a facebook page. Facebook seems to be much more interactive than blogs so feel free to become a "fan" and join in :o)

Talk-To-Your-Animals on FaceBook

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