Friday, November 20, 2009

What a week....

Auckland was great, Marcus is at a great age for nana to do things with, so we had train rides, and ferry rides and ate out so much I got used to it LOL. Slotted some work in there too and as always lovely to meet some new people and the 4 legged kids of theirs :o)

Caught up with a couple of friends and hey presto the week is up and it's time to head home again!

Arrive home and go straight out to collect eggs and check on Mary and the girls....

Mary is gone :o( colour me very blue indeed.... I KNEW I should have taken her earlier, I KNEW those survival traits I'd noticed in her were slipping, I KNEW she wanted met to take her the last time I saw her when the sweet scraggly darling accepted kisses on her tiny bald head and begged me to take her.... oh yes, beliefs aside, I'm beating myself up for that one! Poor sweet, darling little Mary who was something beyond a chicken and will never be forgotten. Gone completely, not noticed by anyone else, she would have been a tiny carcass removed from the shed while I was gone *sob*

So Sunday morning came and I needed to ride the horses before heading up to do eggs again, it was windy, the horses had gotten fat in a week and somehow I ended up in hospital, vowing and declaring my occupation on the ACC forms was Police hahahahaha. So what happened I'm not sure, it was straight after mounting as per Mac's usual, unfortunately Leo the wannabe Lion gave chase, Mac had probably already shut down (or he wouldn't have left me behind!) and ran around the house and INTO a shut gate, bending the gate (a new gate!) and popping the staple the catch hooks onto right out of the post. Leg thru his reins he's very lucky all he got was a little scrape on a fore leg (not even any blood!)

So Kelley-Anne has a CAT scan and a steroid shot for a swelling brain and left with instructions that are only vaguely remembered not to ride for 4 weeks (say what?! They want me to get ditched AGAIN?! I will be if I leave him that long!) and to come back if the pupils don't return to normal the next day... So no eggs to be collected that day by me! Altho we went straight there from hosptial to see if hope against hopes Mary had just been hiding somewhere the day before... alas, no such luck :o(

Here I am 5 days later pupils STILL uneven and Dr's stumped as to why LOL. One pupil is enlarged and locked like that, the other is reacting normally. Oh well, will just have to get a decent pair of sunnies for summer and look after them!

So having returned from a holiday where nothing was "normal" anyway heading into a week like that to be honest it's felt a bit surreal.

Eggs again this weekend (better do some work for the poor guys since they had to cover me last Sunday hehehe) and Sunday is the day I get to bring some of the girls home (if only you could have held on Mary!!!) So Penny is a definite as is another that is as yet unnamed... shall then put Mary to the task of chosing any others and sending them to me. I was going to limit it to Mary and 2 others so she wouldn't be picked on, but I reckon 5 or so now will be a good number until some more join them when the next shed is ready to go...

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