Monday, November 2, 2009

Where has time gone???

It's nearly Christmas already!!!

Marcus and I are off to Auckland this Saturday for a week, see nana, do a little work, catch up with some people, looking forward to it :o)

Mac had his dressage including his first ever musical (mine too!) Rather disappointed with the marking of it, but hey, that's life, I was very happy with his attitude over the weekend, full of energy but we weren't butting heads like we can hehehe and he loved "dancing" to the musical with me so that was cool.

I do think the 2nd lot of homeopathic drops are working too as we haven't had any butting heads sessions over things since the first lesson we had (4 days after the drops started) We even had 2 fantastic lessons last week with Saskia Ostermeier, with no tension from him and I'm feeling very confident we can get him TRULY to level 3 now I know how to sort out his strength (and weakness) issues LOL.

Smokey has had some more bareback riding and was a very good boy in the trot, brakes were still in place and all!! He also did his first gate yesterday when he headed out to ride down to the end of the road and was a great wee boy with me hanging off the side of him (it wasn't pretty by any stretch of the imagination but we did it!)

Am still helping out collecting free range eggs every 2nd weekend and have 3 wee girls ready to come home with me in a months time, however one of them (Mary) is beginning to worry me, she is/was a survivor, knew how to keep her head down and shut up when the attacks and bullying came, but has now started to squawk (calling me for help) and it draws attention to her. She is begging to come home with me every time I'm there, following me like a dog and asking to be picked up. Breaks my heart having to leave her there when I leave and then not seeing her for 2 weeks is torture! I don't even like chickens!!!!! hahahaha (note the hysterical note in that laughter!) My sweet tail-less Mary is just the sweetest, most gentle wee girl tho, I think she could win anyone over! She even decided my head looked like a safe place to perch when a bully started in on her at one of the nesting boxes I was emptying, I laughed so hard she nearly fell off!

She looks so tiny and mangy and horrible with no feathers, but she is absolutely beautiful :o)


and this is Summer said...

And she will be even more beautiful once she gets home with you. They change so very quickly once out of that environment.

KA said...

YAY! I hope so! They should be about ready to go into the moult I believe so hopefully she'll grow all her feathers back, tail and all :o) At the moment she looks like a kid sized rugby ball on legs hehehe