Friday, January 1, 2010

All the Animals are so Good!

Smokey has energy to burn, his little sewing machine trot is going for it when we're riding LOL. He even wanted to play in the paddock the other day, so we had some chasing games (an adaptation of this, his game with Marcus who always has an apple core when we go out to see him)

The chickens are fantastic and all still laying an egg each a day :o) My most hen pecked girl is finally hanging out with the other girls now, eating from the same hand, sharing the same nesting box and is now roosting for the night in the new mobile coop (the only one using it!) Really happy with them all but especially my Spooky (aka Lee) AND her feathers are all growing back already! She now has feathers on her back YAY!!! No more sunburn!


and this is Summer said...

Cute video clip but my goodness it looks very brown and dry where you are!

KA said...

sure is, smack in the middle of the summer drought... due some rain tomorrow, but not holding our breaths, it all seems to be blowing off around us these days and it's not baked bean related!