Monday, January 18, 2010

The Little Jumping Bean

got to go x-country yesterday. One wee jump with a steering issue hehehe but he took it all in his stride (apart from the mistrides and the crashing of the jump!) I know the tyre jump doesn't look it, but it is still 2 tyres high, just took the middle one out for a bit of encouragement for him to start with, I thought 3 tyres high might have prompted a stop!

Blogger take sooooooo long to upload vids and these were going on FaceBook too so I you tubed them.... so here is a link to one of them, if you then browse "more from The T2YA" you'll be taken to the others.

Smokey Jumping

and here is Marcus getting a lift back to the yards :o)

Marcus hitching a ride

Mac had his 2nd session of Bowen yesterday, Smokey will be taking his spot with a lesson with Saskia Ostermeier next weekend since Mac is still out of action, so that will be exciting!

The chooks are good, Spooky Lee is very UNspooky and all her feathers have grown back on her back now! YAY!!!

Daniela a lady from Rome I met up with when she came traveling last year is back in NZ at the moment and will be popping in for a couple of days again in the next week sometime YAY!!!! She is a communicator too and so lovely, will be great to catch up again :o)

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