Sunday, January 10, 2010

Mac gets some body work, Smokey goes jumping!

We went to Kimberley's place today to ride in her flash new arena!!! She is also an EMRT (Bowen) technician so Mac came along for the ride and to get a treatment... Looks like he has a TMJ issue which would explain the not wanting his usual head cuddles! Poor possum is staunch with pain too, so it must be bad!!!

Smokey got shown around the arena, a cavaletti dragged in (more our size than the jumps Kimberley does!) and he was led over it once each way then I jumped on and we did some trotting poles and then over the wee cavaletti. I had to put it up to it's highest height because he would only trot over it any lower!

Kim then came out and manned the camera for me (gotta love a good neighbour!) and got some posey shots and then some action shots :o)

And an action shot... crappy riding on my part but really conscious of not interfering with his mouth in case he fell on his face or wanted to look LOL (yeah, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)

and then a couple of movies, the last of which I was NOT expecting a canter and a big launch at it as you may be able to tell by the laughter that follows!!! (and the picture the blog has decided to put as the freeze frame! LOL)

He was fantastic and he always makes me so proud of him! Go the little Kai!!!

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