Monday, January 4, 2010

Smokey has his day out :o)

It was a 5 hr ride through some magnificent farmland with spectacular scenery and I didn't listen to the little voice that had said the night before "wonder if the camera battery needs charging" so sadly the lack of photos is due to my inability to heed that little voice LOL. However there was someone else there with a camera who got some good shots and fingers crossed she'll remember to email them through!

Smokey was happy as larry bringing up the rear and apart from stubbornly refusing to shut a gate for me (grrrr) he didn't set a foot wrong all day. He was really feeling the gravel on the way home though the poor mite, although once he hit grass again thankfully he wasn't sore at all and happy to trot out catch up and overtake everyone so we could clown around about being in front once in the ride (this was 5 mins from home again hehehe)

We stopped for a picnic lunch about 1/2 way and the horses grazed or stood tied to fences and trees while we nattered and ate. It was great! There were 10 of us and all the horses were very well behaved, quite a few 4 yr olds there.

Once stopped for lunch Smokey had his bridle off and could eat, he had his apple and 1/2 of my apricots the little rat! He wasn't supposed to like them!

I like the more submissive animals, they can be so uncomplicated!

Mac is still fighting his demons in relation to me falling off back in November, fighting and losing I might add! He had another hissy fits 2 days ago and he and I parted company AGAIN! What made it worse however was that I had Pete there holding the reins and he STILL spazzed out. There is something going on there that I'm missing, as soon as I get some work out the way I'm going to have to sit down and see if I can get the missing link with him.... very very frustrating as he is the love of my life and he will pull away from even having cuddles in the paddock which is just not him :o( We'll figure it out I'm sure!


and this is Summer said...

Is Mac jealous of Smokey?

KA said...

no, not at all, but why this has escalated out of control in Mac's head has me stumped. I know what he's worried about, but there is no valid reason why... He's always hated the wind and is blaming that for me falling off and him getting upset and him getting upset again and me falling off again, but it's really blown him out of the water this time, he's pulling back away from me big time, we'll get there, but it's sad because he hasn't been like this since I got him 6 yrs ago :o( BIG step back for him mentally...

and this is Summer said...

Madam hates the wind too. They are alike aren't they.
I hope he comes round again quickly. Falling off is not fun for human or horse!

KA said...

they are very much alike LOL, have met a couple of those intelligent but hypersensitive souls, they all tend to act or react the same, very good teachers, but god they can be hard work!