Sunday, July 26, 2009

is it spring already?!

what gorgeous weather we've had this weekend! Sadly my cold is STILL lingering, actually lingering probably isn't the right word as it hasn't gotten any better over the week! Marcus has caught it now too poor little sausage, and I'm very thankful for a lull in work right now!

Dragged myself outside yesterday afternoon and grabbed Smokey out for a ride. Still a bit slippery in the paddocks due to the good frosts we've been having, so after a wee trot out, I took him for a walk down the dead end road... led him first, then hopped on him down by the neighbours place and rode him back up. Stopped at a loooooong puddle at the road/grass edge and after a bit of coaxing he decided he knew I wanted him to go forward at it, but it didn't mean he had to get his feet feet so he jumped it! Our first jump hahaha.

He has another loose milk tooth too, directly above the bottom one he's recently lost, so will soon be down to one milk tooth top and bottom on that side and still 2 top and bottom on the near side.

Today Mac came out for a ride first, off we went down the road, then back up the road and up onto the Main Rd. Traffic was very light so he was pretty chilled out. Up past a 3 yr old slightly feral colt and then down a side road to do the wee wooden bridge. Mac has been over it before but not for about a year I suppose. He stopped, he went backwards, he said nah ah, until the 2 ponies on the other side of the bridge watching him were brought into the conversation. It went something like this...

"Wow, those 2 ponies aren't going to be hugely impressed by the big wimpy stallion Mac who's scared to go over the bridge are they?!" (Yes Mac thinks he's ALL that, particularly after just going past the feral boy) no sooner had I said that to him and urged him on and hey presto over the bridge he goes hahahaha.

Got him home and took Smokey out again. Down the road leading him (he has been rather upset but the horse who was currently in the yards beside the road when we've been down there a couple of weeks or so ago) couldn't have cared less today, so hopped on down the end of the road and road him back up. He grew about a hand as he stopped to look at the horse in the yards leaping around, but trundled on happily. Hooked on the lead rope when we got back to the gate and took Smokes the same route Mac had just been, just leading him out to see how he was in the traffic. All good, not a care in the world. No hesitation at the bridge, just followed me over it. So all in all, very cool, calm and collected!

And then did a very unofficial measuring of him with the new weight/height tape, and he is currently just under 14.1hh, so hopefully he'll grow just a little more yet!

Mac, when he could be convinced the tape wasn't about to eat him, is pretty much bang on 15hh which is what I thought he was. Will have to drag Roger out for a measure too!

And that's about it, hopefully I'll shake this cold soon!!! and not get any more for a year, that'd be nice too!

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