Sunday, July 19, 2009

and what a lovely surpise! a day of firsts...

it was gale force winds out there today and somehow I'm catching another cold! grrrr so it was going to be a lazy day of do nothing...... but!

Lunchtime and I got a phonecall from a 'neighbour' 10kms up the road asking if I wanted to go up for a ride. Well Maccy Boy LOATHES big winds so I jumped at the chance of saying "I'll bring Smokey!!!"

Off we went, got there and off the float, he was looking around but nothing too exciting. Then Brian on the tractor came past with a front full of hedge trimmings, aaaah no big deal. Saddle up and go up to the hitching area where Pauline and her young girl from next door are saddling up too. Smokey really wanted to say hi to the young guy (his age) still in the paddock but was very well behaved. Mounted up and away we went.

Thru a nice big stream, a bit of coaxing needed and he decided if he could drink it it must be OK to walk through hehehe. On off up into the forestry where we aimed up a hill and had our first canter! Trotted past a scary tree and another canter. Got to the top of the hill and there was another one! Another canter, another scary tree, another canter LOL. Up the top of that hill and he needed to catch his wind so the rest were walked up. On our way way we encountered a fallen tree that was supposed to be a jump test, but it turned into a "I can walk over that hairy tree mum it's OK". Up the top of all those hills it was time to head back down again, so a photo opportunity came up when Pauline hopped off (sorry Pauline it was on movie mode but it would have been a good photo!)

and we walked them all down the looooooong down hill (save the young ones withers). On the way down was another fallen down tree, which the short boy COULD have squished under with me but the other 2 hadn't had to do that so he decided he didn't have too, so we had to slide off the edge of the track and get around the end of it.

Down the bottom and another photo opportunity of me on the boy, and once we got him to stand still (I got on it must be time to go!!!) we got a few cute photo's shame they didn't really show off the countryside and the amazing views.

Then it was head for home. Back through the stream, and down towards the house and float and we took the chance to get him to walk over one of Paulines jumps that was on the ground. "No mum, it's scary, don't make me!" as he's trying to turn away from it, but hey presto, if I can turn hin back he has lost and has to do what's asked (how easy is that!?!) so he walked over that nicely too.

Then into the sheep yards for his dinner while I went in for a cuppa and here's Brian still hard at work on the tractor and Smokey all alone without mummy eating...... what a good boy.

So a FANTASTIC day and passed all the tests with flying colours and I am just so so SO proud of my wee boy :o)

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